Essential Tips for Attending Oktoberfest
Essential Tips for Attending Oktoberfest

More Helpful Tips For Oktoberfest:

Here are some other helpful tips and fun facts to make your visit to Oktoberfest in Munich more enjoyable.

Oktoberfest Fun Facts:

1. Bathrooms: There are a staggering 1,000 toilet stalls & over 1 kilometer of urinals troughs at Oktoberfest which is no wonder since there are over 600,000 daily visitors.  Since there is only room for 120,000 visitors at a time inside the 14 main tents you’d think it would be enough, but the bathroom lines still get extremely long.  Some of the tents only have 1-2 bathrooms for the entire tent so get in line before it’s an emergency.  While there are bathrooms outside the tents, make sure not to leave your tent for the bathroom or you won’t get let back in if the tent is full.

2. Maß Weight: The average full 1-liter beer Maß weighs 5 pounds when filled.  Remember that the glasses used at Oktoberfest are called Maß (mass) and are not steins which are stone or ceramic.

3. World Record: Each year there is an official competition for carrying 1-liter beer Maß at the Gillemoos Festival, in Abensberg Germany.  In 2008 waitress Anita Schwarz, from the Oxen Tent, broke the women’s Genius World Record for most beer steins carried at once.  She carried 19-liter glasses at once weighing 95lbs for over 130 feet with no drops spilled including setting them down on a table.

In 2017, Oliver Strümpfel crushed his own overall world record by carrying hauling 29 steins to the finish line.  Strümpfel, who trains for the event, tried to carry 30 liters the distance, but getting them to the finish line without spilling is the hard part.  The 29 liters glasses that made it weighed 145 pounds!

4. Secret Discounts: From 10am-3pm on the weekdays there are hidden deals at tents and stands displaying the Mittagswiesn sign which most tourist never notice.  The deals cover food and amusements rides deals with 30% of everything but beer.  There are also special deals on Tuesdays, especially on the rides as it is considered the family day.

5. Lost Items: Over 40,000 items are lost at Oktoberfest every year including at least 1 pair of dentures.  More common items are clothes, phones, and cameras.

6. Getting Banned: It is possible to get banned from Oktoberfest which is what happened to American socialite Paris Hilton after a 2006 visit.  She was banned because locals felt her promotion of canned wine cheapened Oktoberfest.  Since then they have put strict rules in place to prevent companies from hiring celebrities to hype their outside products at Oktoberfest.

When Should I Book My Hotel?

You should book your hotel 6-12 Months in advance if possible as they start selling out really early.  Just like Mardi Gras in New Orleans the hotels in Munich for Oktoberfest, even junky ones, will be 2-3 times their normal rates.  Expect to pay $200-300 a night if you book very early or anywhere from $400-1,200 per night if you wait too long.  Try a couple searches on to see what you can find and check out our list of the best hotels in Munich HERE.  We skipped most of the chain hotels on our list in order to share hidden mom and pop places.

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Gingerbread Heart Cookies?

You are going to see gingerbread heart cookies, called Lebkuchen, colorfully decorated and hanging everywhere in Munich during Oktoberfest. They are like German Valentine’s Day card as you buy them for someone you care about.  The two most common phrases written on the the cookies are Ich liebe Dich meaning I Love You and Gruß Vom Oktoberfest meaning Greetings From Oktoberfest.

What Ages of People Go To Oktoberfest?

A bulk of the visitors range from 18-50 but we’ve seen 80-year-old grandmas slamming steins at the tents too.  The average age varies from tent to tent depending on if it is more for partying or families.  No kids under 6 are allowed in the tents after 8pm, but why would you bring a young kid at night anyway?

Easy Way To Meet Your Friends:

Having over 6 million visitors means 2 weeks of slow cell phone service near Oktoberfest, that is if you even have international service.  The best way t meet your friends at the tents is to pick a tent and a side.  The Tent Entrances are labeled with the directions they face like S or N above the door making it super easy to set a meeting point.

Beer Maid Training:

Recently a local German TV personality went undercover to find out what it is like to be a beer maid waitress at Oktoberfest.  The video to the right is in German but is still easy to follow and enjoyable to watch.

The Other Oktoberfest:

The Gäubodenvolksfest in Straubing Germany is considered the other Oktoberfest.  It runs in mid-August instead of September, is celebrated by the whole city in a big beer tent, and is called the 5th Season by locals.

During the last week of September Salzburg also has their famous Saint Rupert’s Festival.  It isn’t on the same grand scale is still awesome if you are in the area.

Other Major Drinking Events In Munich:

You’ll find plenty of other festivals centered around drinking in Munich.  The other highlights include the Strong Beer Festival (Starkbierzeit) each March where the extra strong Doppelbock beer has been featured since the 1600s.  This festival is very much like Oktoberfest as everyone dresses up in traditional clothing, uses communal benches, sings to music.  The biggest difference outside of the beer itself is that instead of glass Maß, you will drink out of one-liter ceramic steins called Keferloher.

May Day celebrations are also a ton of fun as it is when the year’s first batches of Marzen (March) beer is tapped.  The festivities for May Day also have a lot of dancing around the May Pole.  Our favorite May Day celebration is probably the 2-week long Münchner Frühlingsfest which centered around May 1st each year and is known as Oktoberfest’s little sister.  This Spring festival is huge and has been taking place on the same grounds of Oktoberfest since 1964.  It is complete with carnival rides and huge beer tents, some the same ones from Oktoberfest.