How To Get To Rothenburg Germany
How To Get To Rothenburg Germany

Best Way To Get To Rothenburg:

It is surprisingly easy to get to from Berlin, Munich and Frankfurt when you know what you are doing.  Make sure to search for Rothenburg ob der Tauber to get the correct place.

From Munich
 2.5 Hours By Train -or- Car
From Nuremburg: 1 Hour by car; 1:15 by train
From Frankfurt: 2 Hours by car; 3 Hours by train

Getting To Rothenburg By Train From Munich
(2.5 Hours):
Getting to Rothenburg by train from Munich is super easy although it requires a couple train switches.  There are many daily routing options so make sure you keep an eye on the total travel time.  On the route that is usually the quickest you will switch trains in Nuremberg, Ansbach, and Steinach (b Rothenburg ob der Tauber).  The last leg is a local train that goes directly between Steinach and Rothenburg with only 3 stops and dead ends in each city making it really easy.

Train Schedule & Tickets: You can book online here.

Ticket Tip: Book ahead for you best deals and consider the Bayern Day Pass (more info) if coming from Munich.  The pass covers unlimited trains for the day anywhere around Bavaria plus Salzburg starting at 25€ for 1 person and goes up 6€ per person up to 5 people with advance booking.  On Monday-Friday you can’t start your travel with these special passes until 9am, but Saturday & Sunday you can start anytime.  Make sure to check out our full list of the Best German Train Passes (more info).  Train From The Airport: Keep in mind that if you are going between Rothenburg and the Munich airport you will be routed all the way to Munich then up which adds an hour to your journey making it 3.5-4 hours.

Rent A Car From Munich
(2.5 Hours):
Driving to Rothenburg can be awesome as one route takes you on the AutoBahn and the Romantic Road.  An extra bonus is that on the way you go right past the Medieval cities of Nördlingen and Dinkelsbühl.  There are a couple parking lots just outside the city walls making leaving you car for the day or overnight really easy.  If you are pressed to time we suggest focusing all of your attention on Rothenburg and skipping the other small towns on the way.

Romantic Road Bus
(3-4 Hours):
Romantic Road Bus To Frankfurt From Munich Tour

Nearby Airports:

Stuttgart Airport is only 90 minutes away from Rothenburg compared to Munich which is 3.5-4 hours away.  Although Stuttgart is closer many routes are far more expensive to make to to compare flights to each.
If you choose Munich keep in mind that the regional pass will get you and your group of up to 5 people there for just 25 Euros