Hocus Pocus Filming Locations In Salem:

Walking Tour Location: Old Town Munich (Altstadt)
Cost: Free, Self-Guided (Museum and sight costs below)
Style: Do-It-Yourself Walking Tour (Self Guided)
Start: Karlsplatz Stachus Square & Metro Stop
End: Hofbräuhaus Beer Hall & Restaurant
Walking Distance: 2.5 miles
Time: 90 Minutes for Walk (Full tour 6+ hours with all stops)
Fun Scale: 9.5 out of 10

Munich’s compact Old Town is one of our favorite places to walk in Europe. Primarily geared toward pedestrians, the neighborhood truly is where old meets new and is a perfect setting for a free walking tour.  Originally surrounded by a series of Medieval walls, you still enter Old Town Munich through the mighty city gates.  Once inside you’ll experience great shopping mixed in with historic beers halls, amazing museums, and even a royal palace.  The Bavarian atmosphere is very predominate everywhere you turn which adds to the fun of our free Munich walking tour.

To help you maximize your time in this wonderful city we have put together the perfect self-guided walking tour of Old Town for you.  We go to Munich often, and this walking tour will make sure you hit up all the must-see attractions along with a couple of hidden gems.  Enjoy our free Munich walking tour map!

Interesting Facts About The Filming:

1. Was the original Hocus Pocus (1993) filmed in Salem?
Yes, many of the iconic scenes from the original Hocus Pocus movie were filmed in Salem in October of 1992.  In addition to Salem, a number of other scenes were also shot locally in both Marblehead and Plymouth, Massachusetts over a two-week period.   These local scenes were mainly outdoor shots while over half of the movie, including the interior scenes, was actually shot around Los Angeles, California.

All of the filming locations for the original Hocus Pocus, as well as the sequel, are covered in our guide below as well as our interactive map.

2. Where was Hocus Pocus 2 (2022) filmed?
Unlike the original where filming was essentially split between Salem and Los Angeles, Hocus Pocus 2 was shot almost entirely in Rhode Island.  Areas in both New Port and Providence, Rhode Island were made to look like Salem during filming that took place in October through December 2021.  Some later scenes were filmed in Astoria, New York in 2022 after initial screenings required some changes to the film.

3. Were there any real witch trail locations in the movie Hocus Pocus?
No, the S

4. Were the Sanderson Sisters Real?

No, the Sanderson Sisters were not real.  The story was inspired by producer David Kirschner for his daughters when he saw a black cat cross their path while on a walk.  The movie was originally going to be called Disney Halloween House but was thankfully changed to Hocus Pocus.  Ironically there was a book published in 1635 called Hocvs Pocvs which was filled with magic tricks for kids.  Decades later, in 1692 the Witch Hysteria hit Salem which lead to mass incarceration and the famous witch trails which left 21 innocent people dead.

1. Karl’s Square – Stachus (Karlsplatz):

Free Munich Walking Tour Map Old Town - Karlsplatz Stachus Fountain
Free Munich Walking Tour Map Old Town - Karlsplatz Stachus New House City Wall Gate

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2. Citizen’s Hall Church (Bürgersaalkirche):

About Karlsplatz: We love to start our free Munich walking tour by entering

Other Sights Near Central Salem:

28. English Garden Walking Tour:

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