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Havasu Falls, Arizona
Havasu Falls, Arizona

Havasu Falls, Arizona:

Did you know that some of the best waterfalls in the United States are actually in the Grand Canyon and flow with bright turquoise colored water?  Well it’s true and if you’re traveling in the American Southwest you need to add the Havasu Falls of Supai, Arizona to your list.  Supai is the heart of the Havasupai Native American Reservation and is so remote that it is the only place in America where the Postal Service still delivers the mail by horseback. On your journey you’ll encounter unbeatable Grand Canyon scenery, wild horses and long horned sheep, and the main attraction a series of 5 separate breath-taking waterfalls ranging from 50 to 196 feet tall.

How To Get To Havasu Waterfalls:

Getting to Havasu Falls takes a little planning as it requires a long drive to the trail head followed by an 11 mile hike. When it is not windy you can pay $85 for a helicopter to take you in from the trail head, but most people hike. Only experienced endurance hikers should do the whole thing in one day. The best method is to stay overnight at either the campground or small motel near the falls. If you don’t want to carry you gear you can arrange to have a donkey or horse bring it their for you while you hike.