Japanese Travel Guides - Top Cities To Visit
Japanese Travel Guides - Top Cities To Visit

Japan Travel Guides:

With a mysterious collectivist mindset, romantic history, an obsession with pop culture, and distinct national foods, Japan is one of the coolest places on the planet to visit.  From the Japanese Alps to iconic volcanoes, and beautiful beaches, the landscapes have just as much rich diversity as the experiences do.

You can spot a beautiful traditional geisha on old-world streets, visit snow monkeys bathing in thermal hot springs, eat sushi in a historic fish market, cheer on the heavyweights at a sumo tournament, take in timeless Imperial castles, stay overnight with monks at a Buddhist temple,  sing a lifetime’s worth of karaoke, and drink your night away in a sea of neon all in Japan.  As that run-on sentence shows you, there are an endless amount of words to describe Japan, and none of them do it justice.  Did we even mention samurais, ninjas, anime, or Godzilla?  Get on a plane and visit Japan asap!

Best Time To Visit Japan:

Our favorite time to visit Japan is the last week of March through the first week of April for peak Cherry Blossom Season.  Late November through early December is our second favorite time to visit as the Autumn colors are in full swing.  Visiting in the Summer (July & August) will give you the chance do a day trip to climb to the summit of Mount Fuji, while visiting in Winter (late-December through February) will let you travel to see the hot springs Snow Monkeys.