Best Ice Hotels In The World: Top 10
Best Ice Hotels In The World: Top 10

The World’s Best Ice Hotels:

You haven’t truly enjoyed Winter until you’ve stayed in one of the World’s best Ice Hotels.  From igloos to castles, these hotels are decked out with some of the snow art and ice sculptures you can imagine.  Practically everything from the walls, tables, and chairs are made completely out of snow.  When grabbing a drink from any of the hotels’ Ice Bars you’ll even get frozen cups.  Don’t worry about getting cold though as every room has a real mattress, the down bedding is rated for 30 below zero, they typically have central warming halls, and some rooms even have fireplaces.  There are plenty of activities to keep you busy also as some ice hotels let you race sled dogs, go on reindeer sleigh rides, cruise on arctic ice breaker ships, and even get a lift in a gondola sauna!  Whichever one you choose, make sure to add staying in an Ice Hotel to your bucket list today!

Top 10 Ice Hotels In The World:

1. De Glase Ice Hotel (Québec, Canada):

Coolest Hotels In The World, Top Ten, De Glase Ice Hotel Canada
Coolest Hotels In The World, Top Ten, De Glase Ice Hotel Canada

About De Glase Ice Hotel: Each year since 2001, a magical hotel made re-built out of snow and ice to create a true Winter wonderland.  From January through March the De Glase Ice Hotel in Quebec opens its icy doors to visitors from around the World.  Expert sculptors create the massive structure over the course of a few weeks and the amount of detail they use in unbelievable.  Snow art is everywhere from the 44 themed rooms, to the ice bar, and the ever popular Super Slide.

It’s so much fun to drink out of ice glasses while under a chandelier made up of, you guessed it, ice.  Don’t worry about getting cold even though the temperatures only hover above freezing.  Each suite has a real mattress and blankets over the base of ice and the arctic down is rated for 35 degree colder than the hotel is.  They also have a warming center in the attached Celsius Pavilion complete with fully heated bathrooms.

Out of all the Ice hotel the one in Quebec takes the cake as not only is it easy to get to, but it is affordable and they do an amazing job. The surrounding park offers over 2 miles of trails for snowshoeing and hiking.  The park was first used to house 7 different windmills starting in the mid-1700s, some of which still exist as the Parc des Moulins.  The rest of the grounds formerly housed Quebec’s zoo and is now an excellent urban woods.

Cost Per Night: Starting at $199/person.  Non-guests can visit during the day for $18 or $28 total to add snowshoes for the trails.  Hotel Website: (HERE).  Alternative Ice Hotel Options: Also in Quebec the Le Château Frontenac is a giant castle hotel that has dominated the city’s skyline since 1893.

2. Hotel of Ice (Balea Lac, Romania):

Best Ice Hotels In The World, Romania
Best Ice Hotels In The World, Romania

About The Hotel of Ice: Sitting 7000 feet above sea level in Romania’s Carpathian Mountains, the Hotel of Ice sparks talk of Dracula from its famous Transfagarasan Road location.  The real life Dracula may lived a ways away from here but it hasn’t stopped the folklore on this once important mountain trade route.  The Ice Hotel itself is built each year on a frozen glacial lake at the bottom of the Balea Waterfall.

The hotel has been managed since 2005 by the neighboring Balea Lac Ski Lodge and can be accessed by cable car.  There are 12 actual ice hotel rooms plus 3 snow igloos for rent all centered around an awesome main hall.  Because of the neighboring big ski area the Hotel of Ice’s bar and restaurant are always quite fun even if you don’t have a room reservation.  They even have many public parties throughout the Winter.

Nightly Rate: $120 for an ice room and $185 for an igloo.  Hotel Website: (HERE).

3. Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort (Saariselkä, Finland):

Coolest Hotels In The World, Top Ten, Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort Finland
Coolest Hotels In The World, Top Ten, Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort Finland

About Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort: While the Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort is open year round, it’s their Glass Igloos during Northern Lights season that we love the most.  The Northern Lights season runs from late-August through April each year and the Glass Igloos give you an unobstructed view of Finland’s sky and natural beauty.  After dark is the greatest as not only more stars than you’re ever seen, but also the flowing colors of the northern lights shine above you.  The dancing light show put on the aurora borealis in this arctic environment is second to none.

The igloos themselves have plenty of privacy with curtains and are very climate controlled. The standard is a 2 person Igloos with a private bathroom, but communal bathrooms and saunas separated by gender.  They also have a bunch of 4 person family-sized Igloos with private bathrooms and hot shower included in each unit.  From December to April, the Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort even has a number of real Snow Igloos that you can rent and stay in.  If sleeping outside isn’t your thing, the Resort also has a bunch of luxury log cabins to rent plus many outdoor activities you can pay to join in on.  Activities range from snowmobiling, to ice fishing, sled dog training and even reindeer sleigh rides.

Cost Per Night: The Glass Igloos starting at $450-600 a night depending on the season and if you book ahead.  The Winter-only Snow Igloos go from $350-500 a night.  The Luxury Log Cabins run between $350-1000 depending on how large of a cabin you want.   Hotel Website: (HERE).

4. LumiLinna Snowcastle (Kemi, Finland):

Best Ice Hotels In The World, Lumilinna Snowcastle Finland
Best Ice Hotels In The World, Snow Village Finland

About LumiLinna Snowcastle: LumiLinna is one of the World’s oldest running Ice Hotels as it has been open each Winter since 1994.  Located in the middle of Finland’s Lapland region the 21 room castle is made differently each year and takes a month and a half to build.  Complete with a castle wall and over the top snow art you’ll quick see why it takes so long to build.  They also have 1-2 person Olokolo nests which have glass roofs for watching the Northern Lights.

Because the area is a very popular tourist destination they have a ton of activities even for people who are not staying overnight.  You can eat reindeer and great deserts in the restaurant, see live music on the snow stage, drink at the ice bar, and snow tube down the ever popular ice slide.  In the nearby Port of Ajos you can go on a day trip ride on the Sampo Ice Breaker Ship out onto the icy waters of the Gulf of Bothnia.  The ship holds 150 people and 15 at a time can jump in the water for a float/swim.  The 4 hour cruise leaves at Noon for 270 Euros a person and transportation is 35 euros per taxi.  You can snowmobile both ways instead of taxi the ship but it adds 3 hours round trip and 200 euros a person.

Cost Per Night: 1-4 person rooms run 125-190 euros a person and depending on weekday or weekend, Suites are 290-350 euros. Guests not staying overnight must pay a 15 euro cover (half off for kids).  A full guided tour of the hotel for non guests is 70 Euros per group.  Hotel Website: (HERE).

5. Snow Village Hotel (Kittilä, Finland):

Best Ice Hotels In The World, Snow Village Finland

About The Snow Village: Kittila is a year-round resort with not just Winter ice rooms, but also with a number of great a-frame log cabins with outdoor hot tubs.  A visit is extra special as you are actually North of the Arctic Circle at the resort.  The ice rooms are very well decorated and both the Icebar and restaurant are quite popular.   Skiing and sled dogging are huge at the Snow Village, but it is the Sauna Gondola that we like the most.  Leading up to the Ylläs ski resort you can take the Sauna Gondola on a 20 minute spa ride for up to 4 people at a time.  The glass has privacy tinted and they even let you drink beer on the ride.  Once at the time you can rent a traditional sauna for up to 12 people for 2 hours if you like.

Cost Per Night: Single rooms are $250; Double rooms are $160 per Adult or $90 per Kid.  Extra beds are both $90 each.  Suites run $440 for a Double room or $575 for a 4 person.  For $350 a person you get your room plus breakfast and a snowmobile safari.  Non-guests can visit for $10 a person to join actives, the bar and restaurant but guided tours are $70 per group.   Hotel Website: (HERE).

6. Iglu Dorf Hotel (Engelberg, Switzerland):

Best Ice Hotels In The World, Iglu Dorf Switzerland
Best Ice Hotels In The World, Iglu Dorf Switzerland

About Iglu Dorf Hotel: The setting for an Ice Hotel might not get any better than the Iglu Dorf at the base of Switzerland’s Matterhorn Mountain.  The iconic peak towers above the village providing the perfect backdrop.  To take advantage of the beautiful natural surroundings, the Iglu Dorf does a great job of providing open air spaces and outdoor hot tubs.  Our favorite hot tub had igloo sides for privacy and warmth but an open top to take in the night’s sky.   Igly Dorf has been open since 1995 and is always innovating.  They have a number of rooms with fireplaces and even some that have clear sunroofs to not only let in light but to gaze up at the stars.

Cost Per Night: Standard rooms start at $130 per Adult and the large suites go up to $400 a night per Adult.   Hotel Website: (HERE).

7. Kirkenes Snow Hotel (Kirkenes, Norway):

Best Ice Hotels In The World, Kirkenes Norway
Best Ice Hotels In The World, Kirkenes Norway

About Kirkenes Snow Hotel: A large focus of the Kirkenes Snow Hotel are their snowmobile safaris and dog sled outings for watching the Northern Lights.  If you don’t like dog sledding they also have reindeer rides, skiing, and deep sea crab fishing.  The Kirkenes has snow of the mot details ice sculptures in their Ice Bar and the walls of the main building are an unbelievable 7-feet-thick.

Cost Per Night: Double and single rooms for $400 a person includes 3-course dinner in our wilderness restaurant, sauna and breakfast. They also have large log family lodges you can rent for $7000 a night to live a little more luxurious.   Hotel Website: (HERE).

8. ICEHOTEL (Jukkasjärvi, Sweden):

Best Ice Hotels In The World, Sweden
Best Ice Hotels In The World, Sweden

About The ICEHOTEL: The ICEHOTEL in Sweden is considered a Ski-in Ski-out facility where you can stop by for the day or stay overnight.  They have an excellent photography and light exhibit that is worth a peak in addition to all of the ice and snow activities.  In all the ICEHOTEL takes their craft very seriously as the restaurant has plates made out of ice and the Northern Light Suite uses light art to mimic the Aurora Borealis in the ceiling.  All of the rooms have unbelievable ice art and a couple even have en-suite sauna and toilet.

Other activities include Ice Driving courses sponsored by Mini Cooper, horse tours through moose country, Northern Lights Tours, they even have a Northern Lights 45 flight available.  The ICEHOTEL is maybe most famous for running year-round ice bars in Stockholm and London.

Cost Per Night: Basic single rooms are $350-415 a night; Double rooms are $490-580, Suites start at a 50% more.  They usually have 25% off in April.  Hotel Website: (HERE).

9. Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel (Alta, Norway):

Best Ice Hotels In The World, Sorrisniva Norway Ice Bar

About Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel: Since 2000, the World’s most northern city with over 10,000 people has been home to the Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel.  The location is amazing for the Northern Lights as you can imagine, but they have lots of other activities as well.  You can go on Snowmobile safaris, dog sledding trips, Northern Lights hunting and tours of the Ice Chapel.  In addition to the many igloos, Sorrisniva also has traditional tents from local Native tribes you can stay in called Lavvo.

Cost Per Night: $330 per Adult or $160 for Kids.  Hotel Website: (HERE).

10. Alpeniglu Hotel (Thale, Austria):

Best Ice Hotels In The World, Alpeniglu Austria
Best Ice Hotels In The World, Alpeniglu Austria Ice Chapel

About The Alpeniglu Hotel: The ice hotel units at Alpeniglu are really neat as they are modeled after actually igloos huts.  They are located right next to the ski lift and are known for having great activities.  One of the best are the Ice Parties where their sculptors put on an ice carving show, DJs play music with either fire dancers or fireworks.

Cost Per Night: 185-210 Euros per person for a private igloo hut.  Snowshoe treasure hut is 35 Euros a person.  Ice Sculpting course is 95 Euros.   Hotel Website: (HERE).

Honorable Mention:

11. Hotel IGLÚ (Grandvalira, Andorra):

Best Ice Hotels In The World, Igloo Andorra
Best Ice Hotels In The World, Igloo Andorra

About Hotel IGLÚ: Four ice hotel rooms situated at 7,700 feet up in the Pyrenees in a popular ski resort.  Has been open each Winter since 1999 and attracts large outdoor events such as Red Bull ski competitions.

Cost Per Night: 88-183 Euros for a shared room.  182-480 Euros to rent an entire room for your group which includes ski passes.  You may also add on Snowmobile of Dog Sledding to your package.  Hotel Website: (HERE).

12. Eskimo Hotel (Vas, Slovenian):

Best Ice Hotels In The World, Eskimo Slovenia
Best Ice Hotels In The World, Eskimo Slovenia

About The Eskimo Hotel: The Eskimo Hotel in Slovenian is near maybe the most active ski resort on this list.  The igloos rooms are connected by 9 foot tall tunnels and includes bathrooms (no showers), an ice bar and restaurant. You take the cable car up to get here and they have a lot of activities from sledding and skiing to snow shoeing.

Cost Per Night: The Eskimo Hotel in Slovenian is near maybe the most active ski resort on this list.  The igloos rooms are connected by 9 foot tall tunnels and includes bathrooms (no showers), an ice bar and restaurant. You take the cable car up to get here and they have a lot of activities from sledding and skiing to snow shoeing.  Hotel Website: (HERE).

13. Schneedorf Igloo Hotel (Oetz, Austria):

Best Ice Hotels In The World, Scheedorf Austria
Best Ice Hotels In The World, Scheedorf Austria

About Schneedorf Igloo Hotel: The Schneedorf Igloos of Austria’s Ötz valley are located right in the heart of Tyrol West of Innsbruck.  The area is about much in the middle of the Alps as you can get which makes the stay even cooler.  Guest can take part in an all day Igloo building workshop for 99€ which also includes lunch.  In the nearby village of Sölden they have the Hannibal Festival each Winter.

Cost Per Night: Rooms with 2 double beds for up to 4 people are 109€ euros a person with dinner and breakfast.  Hotel Website: (HERE).

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