Austria Travel Guide - Best Cities To Visit
Austria Travel Guide - Best Cities To Visit

Austria Travel Guide:

Language: German (Deutsch) with some very basic English.
Suggested Length of Stay: You’ll need at least 5-7 full days to see the highlights of Vienna, Hallstatt, & Salzburg.  To really see everything you’ll want 10-14 full days.

Austria is one of the countries in Europe that just feels like it fits you the second you arrive.  It is clean, friends, and full of natural beauty.  You’ll find a great mix of Alpine wonders, colorful half-timber villages, and modern cities to keep you entertained for a couple weeks.  There is something about Austria that just makes you feel at home like you could live there forever.  Even on the busiest days, the fresh air leaves you relaxed and refreshed.  You will be able to visit grand palaces, tour the sights of the Sound of Music, and follow the footsteps of Mozart.  Austria is a wonderful country!

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