Czech Republic Travel Guide
Czech Republic Travel Guide

Czech Republic Travel Guide:

Language: Czech with some very basic German and English.
Suggested Length of Stay: You’ll need at least 2-3 full days just to see the highlights of Prague.  To see all for Prague 5 days is better and 10 is needed to see all the highlights of the Czech Republic.

Czech Republic Overview:

First settled by the Celts in 300BC, the country known today as the Czech Republic has some storied history.  As the center of the Kingdom of Bohemia for almost 1,000 years, the capital city of Prague grew strong throughout the centuries.   The region became a Medieval powerhouse with larger than life rulers.   The kingdom later joined the mighty Austrian Empire, but after losing WW1 they branched off as Czechoslovakia.  The new country had some rough times under Nazi rule through WW2 and under the thumb of the Soviets after the war, but the Medieval charm survived.

The Czech people broke free as a democracy in 1992 and the country has been one of Europe’s best stops for tourists ever since.  Today you can tour colorful villages, old world castles, natural wonders, and of course the beautiful capital of Prague.  As you walk through the old squares, wind through the Medieval lanes, and festive pubs you’ll fall head over heels for the Czech Republic.