Florence Italy Travel Guide
Florence Italy Travel Guide

Florence (Firenze), Italy:

Founded In: Founded in 59 BC; peaked in the 1400-1500s AD.
Language: Italian, plus a little English.
Suggested Length of Stay: 1-3 Full Days.

Overview of Florence:

Founded by Julius Caesar as an army settlement in 59 BC, Florence had many ups and downs until the powerful Medici family grew it to great during the middle ages.  Enjoy our Florence travel guide!

Top 10 Things To Do In Florence:

1. Climb The Duomo’s Dome
2. Sunset From Piazzale Michelangelo
3. Visit The David Statue
6. Piazza della Signoria & Palazzo Vecchio
5. Ponte Vecchio
6. Take An Evening Stroll
7. See The Bapitry Interior
8. Tour The Uffizi Gallery
9. Pitti Palace
10. Bargello National Museum

11. Medici Tombs

12. Eat Italian Food

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