Hungary Travel Guide
Hungary Travel Guide

Hungary Travel Guide:

Language: Hungarian, but basic English gets you by.
Suggested Stay: 2-4 full days for Budapest or 5-6 days to see all of the main highlights of Hungary.

Overview of Hungary:

Hungary is one of the places often overlooked by tourist coming to Europe, but everyone who makes it there loves it.  It’s hard to really explain the feeling of being in Hungary.  It is busy, yet relaxing.  It is rough around the edges, yet elegant.  Hungary still feels Medieval but has all of the conveniences of modern Europe.  The food is great, the drinks are cheap, and the people are inviting.

There aren’t a ton of huge attractions outside of Budapest, but we love spending a day at the Danube Bend, plus Vienna is only 3 hours away by train.   If you are really will to explore the delights of the country there are great castles in Szfvár and Sosto as well as a famous palace of Empress Sissi in Gödöllő.  Do yourself a huge favor and work a few days in Hungary into your next European vacation!