Thai Cooking Classes In Chiang Mai
Thai Cooking Classes In Chiang Mai

Best Cooking Classes In Chiang Mai:

Locations: All Over Chiang Mai
Program Length: Most programs are from 3 to 8 hours long, but some are week-long training courses on Thai Cooking.
Fun Scale: 9 out of 10

Overview of Thai Cooking Classes:

Taking a half or full day Thai cooking course in Chiang Mai is one of the coolest things to do in Thailand.  You’ll have a hands-on traditional activity that you’ll remember forever, plus you get to eat at the end!

Each company will provide free round-trip transport from and to your hotel.  Unless you are in a quick course 90 minutes or under you should plan on the tour bringing you to a local market to pick out the actual good you’ll cook with.  You’ll literally see the food from the market to the table and all the food costs are included in your booking.

Almost every course will let you bring a non-cooking observer or child for about 100-200 Baht per class, but it may require prior arrangement.

Top Cooking Classes In Chiang Mai:

1. Thai Farming School:

About Thai Farming School: Located on an organic farm 10 Miles outside of Chiang Mai, the Thai Farming School is the unique cooking experience you’ve been looking for.  Overall it is our favorite of the Thai cooking classes in Chiang Mai.  The relaxing, countryside school is a great escape from the bustling city for a day.   On the way to the Farm they take you to a local market for a brief tour then when you arrive at the School you dive right into their organic garden.  You will be able to see many different kinds of organic herbs, vegetables, and fruits that they proudly grow themselves.  The coolest part is that you get to pick some of the fresh ingredients that you will use while cooking.  The kitchens are spacious well equipped and each person will have his or her own cooking station.

When its time to eat you’ll enjoy your excellent meal on the terrace overlooking a fishpond where you get a splendid view of the entire farm as well as the nearby mountains.  It is great not only to learn the basics of both Thai and Organic cooking, but also to immerse yourself in an experience of resourcefulness that comes from the owners self-sufficient and independent farm.  Class Size: Up to 10 people  1-3 Day Classes1,500 Baht/Day, Daily 8:30am-4:30pm, 6 Dishes/Day.  Thai Cooking Class Website: (HERE).

2. Thai Akha Kitchen:

top ten best cooking classes in chiang mai thailand Thai Akha Kitchen
top ten best cooking classes in chiang mai thailand Thai Akha Kitchen

About Thai Akha Kitchen: Out of all of the cooking class in Chiang Mai, the Thai Akha Kitchen is the most full cooking experience.  You get a number of options to choose from as you prepare a total of 11 dishes during your course.  The pace is a little quick but because many of the ingredients are used across dishes it is very easy to still go at a comfortable pace while having fun.  While both the morning and evening classes visit a local market there is even a more in-depth market tour only option which is very unique to Chiang Mai.

Class Size: Up to 10 people.  Morning Class1,100 Baht; Daily 9am-3pm; 11 Dishes; includes a market visit.  Evening Class1,000 Baht; Daily 5-9pm; 11 Dishes; does not include a market visit.  Market Tour900 Baht, Daily 8am-Noon.  Cooking Class Website: (HERE).  Morning Class Booking: (HERE).  Evening Class Booking: (HERE).

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3. Basil Cookery School:

About Basil Cookery School: The Basil Cookery School is consistently rated as one of the top 5 overall things to do in Chiang Mai.  While some of the Cookeries in Old Town seem to cram in as many students as they can, Basil does a great job of keeping classes between 1-7 students.  They keep their classes small not only to help you get more one-on-one instructor time, but also as a general philosophy to help you better enjoy the cooking experience.  A huge focus of Basil’s is cooking healthy which starts from a trip to the local market where you learn about vegetables, fruits, herbs and other ingredients.  This focus carries over to the cozy, friendly atmosphere of their home-style Cookery.

Class Size: Up to 7 people  Morning Class: 1,000 Baht, Mon-Sat 9am-3:30pm, 7 Dishes  Evening Class: 1,000 Baht, Mon-Sat 4pm-8:30pm, 7 Dishes.  Thai Cooking Class Website: (HERE).

4. Thai Orchid Cookery School:

About Thai Orchid Cookery School: Like Basil, the Thai Orchid Cookery School keeps their classes small limiting them to just 2-10 people. It is a home-style cooking in a nice and clean kitchen with a cozy atmosphere.  When we say home-style we really mean it as the class takes place inside a bright and beautiful family home.  Courses at the Thai Orchid Cooking School are based on the philosophy that a meal should be a beautiful thing, made with love and shared with love. The school was started by “A” and her family who have the same dream of sharing their love of Thai cooking with those who desire to learn how to cook delicious Thai food but also to experience the culture and poetry of Thai cuisine. “A” takes this dream seriously, making the cooking class at home with support from her family.

Courses begin with a cooking demonstration from one of the skilled instructors where each step of the process is clearly illustrated. Each student then has the opportunity to hands-on cooking their own dishes on individual gas-stoves under the supervision of the instructor and guided trip to the local market to see the varieties of Thai ingredient.  All students will receive a Thai Orchid recipe book featuring all 25 of the dishes taught at the school. Also in the book are many “tricks of the trade” gained during the more than 30 combined years of the family recipes are passed down from one generation to the next. Students are encouraged to keep in touch with the Thai Orchid instructors in order to ask any questions that arise after they have returned home and are using their new knowledge of Thai cuisine for their loved ones.

Class Size: Up to 10 people.  Full Day Class: 1,200 Baht, Daily 9:30am-3pm, 6 Dishes.  Evening Class: 1,000 Baht, Mon-Fri 9am-3:30pm, 5 Dishes.  Thai Cooking Class Website: (HERE).

5. A Lot Of Thai:

About A Lot Of Thai: This Cooking School has been featured on many international Cooking & Travel shows including visits by famous Chef Gordon Ramsay.  Why is it so famous?  It’s run by and in the home of Thailand’s International TV Chef Yui (Siripen Sriyabhaya).  Yui began teaching Thai cooking in 1999 and  still teaches every dish in every class by herself to guarantee the highest quality of instruction. Her expertise attracts a variety of students such as, TV chefs, Executive chefs, culinary school teachers, International Thai cooking instructors, Food columnists, Cookbook authors, tourists, and food lovers.  Yui really wants to make sure her students are equipped with the skills and knowledge to be able to recreate these dishes at home.

A Lot Of Thai is probably the most unique cookery behind the Thai Farming School.  It all starts when they pick you up in either a baby blue 1974 VW Van or lime green 1967 Mazda 1500 and head to the market to buy your groceries.  The funky vehicles and retro feel are always a fun way to start the day.  Once you start cooking you even have the option to physically cook Traditional Thai style by sitting cross-legged on a bamboo mat during part of food prep.

Class Size: Up to 8 people.  Full Day Class: 1,300 Baht, Mon-Friday only 9:30am-5pm, menu differs based on the day of the week.  Morning Class: 1,000 Baht, Mon-Friday only 9:30am-2pm.  Thai Cooking Class Website: (HERE).

6. Smart Cook Cooking:

About Smart Cook Cooking: Centrally located in a delightful teak wood home.  Cooking is done in a clean open-air kitchen and everyone has their own cooking station and wok.  They give you some Thai dishes as a souvenir which is cooler than just getting a cookbook other places.

Class Size: Up to 12 people.  Quick Class: 1,800 Baht, 3 Daily courses 9:30am-3pm, 1-4pm, & 5-8pm, 5 dishes.  Full Day Class: 1,300 Baht, Daily 9:30am-3pm, 7 dishes.  Gourmet Class: 1,800 Baht, Daily 9:30am-3pm, choose from two separate full menu sets.  Thai Cooking Class Website: (HERE).

7. Thai Cookery School:

About Thai Cookery School: In 1993, the Thai Cookery was the first Thai Cooking School set up in Chiang Mai.  The Thai Cookery is where Master Chefs go to perfect their art of Thai cooking, but is now also open for beginners.  Other outfits may be a little cheaper or require less of a time commitment, but the Thai Cookery might just offer the best food, every student gets their own work area which is a huge plus for organizing, and on top of having fun, you will actually learn.

1-5 Day Classes: 1,450 Baht for 1 day up to 6,700 for 5 days.  Thai Cooking Class Website:(HERE).

8. Dot Cooking School:

About Dot Cooking School: If you are looking for more of a private laid-back cooking school, Dot is a perfect option.  Their classes are geared toward very small classes and are typically limited to groups of only 1-4 people.  They do everything in a very natural and comfortable way inside a local home.  Dot does not run regimented classes with ingredients prepared for you already.  Dot’s classes are highly individual and take you on a journey of discovery and appreciation of which ingredients to choose and which to avoid, how to blend and emulate the essence of Thai cuisine to truly stimulate and satisfy the most gourmet of palates.  They would rather you sip on wines and homemade smoothies and have a gourmet experience than stuffy routine instruction.  Honeymooners love the multi-day private courses where they start you with morning Yoga classes and even through in Massage School.

Class Size: 1-4 people.  Evening Course: 2,500 Baht, Sunday-Friday 3-8pm.  4-6 Day Couples Long Course: 11,000 Baht for 4 days or 13,000 Baht for 6 Days, massage school and yoga classes included.  Thai Cooking Class Website: (HERE).

9. Asian Scenic:

About Asian Scenic: Asian Scenic is very different as it gives you the choice to cook in town that their regular kitchen or the option to cook in their countryside Farm kitchen for only 100 extra.  The farm is 1.6 acres and all course have a focus on organic food.

Morning Class: 700 Baht, Daily 9am-1pm, 6 small dishes.  Evening Class: 700 Baht, Daily 5pm-9pm, 6 small dishes.  Full Day Cook In Town900 Baht, Daily 9am-3pm, 6 dishes.  Full Day Cook At Farm: 1,000 Baht, Daily 9am-4:30pm, 6 dishes.  Thai Cooking Class Website: (HERE).

10. Pum School:

About Pum School: By far the most flexible cooking school in Chiang Mai with set courses running at different times of the day from anywhere from 30 minutes long up to 4 hours.  There are also private courses running 2-6 hours long you can book starting at any time you like as long as you have at least 4 guests.  Market tour and ingredient buying is not available during short courses.  Free cookbook for all courses and longer courses you get up to 3 cookbooks.

Morning Class: 1,200 Baht for 3hr or 2,000 for 4hr; Daily starting at 11am.  Afternoon Class: 1,200 Baht; Daily 4pm-7pm.  Evening Class: 399 Baht for 30 minutes with 1 dish, 599 Baht for 45 minutes with 2 dishes, 900 Baht for 90 minutes with 3 dishes; Daily starting at 6pm.  Custom Classes: can start anytime you like as long as you have at least 4 people and run from 2-6 hours, Pum herself teaches some of them.  Thai Cooking Class Website: (HERE).

Honorable Mention:

11. May Kaidee’s Vegetarian and Vegan Cookery:

About May Kaidee’s Vegetarian and Vegan Cookery: If you are looking to get the Vegan experience, May Kaidee’s is your place.  For Vegetarian and Vegan, May Kaidee has the best short course. Keep in mind that every cooking school in Chiang Mai should have vegetarian options, this place just chooses to 100% focus on those options and does it well.

Class Size: 2-6 people.  Morning Class: 1,200 Baht, Daily 9am-1pm, 10 dishes.  Afternoon Class: 1,200 Baht, Daily 1pm-5pm, 10 dishes.  Thai Cooking Class Website: (HERE).

12. You Sabai Vegetarian Homestay:

About You Sabai Vegetarian Homestay: For visitors looking for more of an immersion than just a cooking class should definitely consider a multi-day homestay like You Sabai.  It is located about 50km North of Chiang Mai in Baan Mae Jo, but they pick up and drop off from town for your 3-day visit.  Conservative dress recommended as you are out in the village in the mornings.

3 Day Homestay Class: 3,200 Baht, runs each Monday Afternoon-Thursday Morning.  Thai Cooking Class Website: (HERE).

13. Baan Thai School:

About Baan Thai School: They do a great job of adding photos they take each day to their website.  Photos are posted within a few days and remain for up to 3 months for you to download. 2-9 people per class.

Class Size: 2-9 people.  Morning Class: 900 Baht, Daily 9:40am-4pm, 6 dishes.  Full Day Class: 700 Baht, Daily 5pm-8:30pm, 5 dishes.  Thai Cooking Class Website: (HERE).

14. Cooking At Home:

About Cooking At Home: Geared as having classes for all ages an ability.  Is about 14km East of town near the Parasol Villages.

Class Size: Up to 6 people.  Dinner Class: 1,000 Baht, Daily 3:30pm-8:30pm, 4 dishes.  Full Day Class: 1,300 Baht, Daily 9am-5pm, 6 dishes with menus changing each day of the week.  Special Classes: Shorter courses and larger groups available upon request.  Thai Cooking Class Website: (HERE).

15. The Kitchen:

About The Kitchen: Thai Chocolate Cookery Center is also known as Thai Kitchen Cookery Center.  Address: 32 Loi Kroh Soi 1 Road.

16. Siam Rice School:

About Siam Rice School: Is run by cook Nan who is always is a great mood.

Class Size: 1-9 people.  Morning Class: 700 Baht, Daily 9am-1:30pm, 4 small dishes.  Afternoon Class: 700 Baht, Daily Noon-3:30pm, 4 small dishes.  Evening Class: 800 Baht, Daily 4:30pm-8:s0pm, 5 small dishes.  1-5 Full Day Classes: 900 Baht/Day, Daily 9am-3:30pm, 7 dishes/Day.  Thai Cooking Class Website: (HERE).

17. Perm Poon’s Thai Cookery:

About Perm Poon’s Thai Cookery: Perm Poon’s Cookery has been recommended to us by a couple visitors, however, we couldn’t find any info for them online or in brochures while we were in Chiang Mai.  Most hotels have racks of brochures or someone there to help you book activates so if you see further info for Perm Poon’s please share it with us.