Salvation Mountain Tour - California
Salvation Mountain Tour - California

Salvation Mountain Tour:

Location: Niland, California
Visiting Hours: Daily Dawn-Dusk
Cost: Free, however any donation truly from the heart is welcome
Website:      Facebook: Here
Fun Scale: 8 out of 10


A visit to the colorful Salvation Mountain is an amazing experience an example to one man’s devotion to his religion.  It’s hard to miss a colorful, Dr Seuss-esque mountain springing out of the barren desert…

Getting To Salvation Mountain:

The mountain litterially sits halfway between San Diego and Phoenix in Niland California near the Salton Sea. About 1 mile east of Niland take Hwy 111 south to Niland and turn left (East) on Main Street, Main Street turns into Beal Street just keep going and you’ll see the mountain on the right

Salton Sea Area Top Things to Do:

Salvation Mountain California In 1984 Leonard Knight came here to launch a giant hot air balloon to show his love for God and when his truck broke down he stayed and began to make his mountain. The entire mountain is has been made by hand using only adobe, paint and random objects found throughout the area such as tree parts and car doors. In the middle of a barren desert, Salvation Mountain now towers three stories as an awesome example of Folk Art.
In 2001, the Folk Art Society of American officially named Salvation Mountain as a National Folk Art Site.Sleeping in his truck on site, Leonard is constantly adding to the mountain to help spread the message he believes in; ‘God loves everyone’. Leonard, in his 70’s, works daily updating the mountain and is very friendly to meet. He greets all visitors and gives many the tour including the “Yellow Brick Road,” the “Tree Room,” and the three story tall peak of the mountain itself. 
Salvation Mountain California Prior to coming to the Salton Sea, Leonard had grown up in Vermont, served in the Army during WWII, and had jobs as a car salesman and auto painter. While he never asked for donations from anyone, most visitors over the years have brought some paint, food, or a couple dollars out of respect for his devotion to religion.  Some visitors can even paint or make abode for construction/repairs which Leonard would make by hand each day.  In 2014 Leonard passed away, but the project continues thanks to a non profit organization.

Early mornings and evenings are the best time to visit to avoid the mid day heat. The grounds are open every day for visitors to roam, take photos, and become inspired, just remember to be respectful.   For a series of breath taking panoramic photos of Salvation Mountain by photographer Will Pearson Click Here .