Best Suggested Itineraries For Vienna in 1 day, 2 days, 3 weeks, 48 hours
Best Suggested Itineraries For Vienna in 1 day, 2 days, 3 weeks, 48 hours

Best Suggested Itineraries For Vienna:

Suggested Stay: 2-3 Full Days
Important Hours: The Museum Quartier is closed on Mondays.
Best Time To Visit: The Fall is our favorite time to visit Vienna as the weather is perfect and the Summer crowds start to die down which brings down the hotel pricing.  We also love to visit in December for the numerous Christmas markets.
Summer Closures: The Boys Choir, Opera performances, and Spanish Riding School all have very sparse or no performances in the Summer.

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Planning Your Time:

Suggested itineraries for Vienna really depend on how many palaces and museums you want to see, but even on a short 1-day trip, you can cover the best sights.  The best thing about Vienna is that the best things to do while visiting are almost all within walking distance of Old Town which saves you a lot of time getting around.  We’ve put together a few easy to follow itinerary options for Vienna to help you decide what to do and better divide your time.  Our suggested itineraries are from our own first-hand experiences and we hope they help you make the most of your trip.  We even threw in a few helpful schedule planning tips.

One Day In Vienna:

With just a 1 day itinerary in Vienna, you are going to have a fairly long, but easy paced day to see all the main sights.  To save some stress, start at Schönbrunn Palace as soon as possible to make sure you fit it in and avoid the crowds.  After your Palace tour, take the subway over to the Opera to start our self-guided Old Town Walking Tour of all of Vienna’s core sights.

If you are looking to fit in the amazing Museum Quartier during your 24 hours in Vienna, keep in mind it is open until 6pm most days, stays open until 9pm on Thursdays, but is CLOSED on Mondays.  Even if it is too late to tour the inside of the first few Ring Tram stops, you can at least check out the great exteriors to end your evening.  We have fit the Palace, Old Town Walk, and the full Tram Tour all into one long day.

•Day 1: Morning at Schönbrunn Palace.  Midday follow our Free Old Town Vienna Walking Tour plus some of the of the Ringstrasse Tram Tour.  Dinner near Kärntner Strasse or at the Swiss Beer Garden in Prater Park.
Suggested Itineraries For Vienna Austria - 1 Day, 24 Hours

Morning: Tour Schönbrunn Palace.

Suggested Itineraries For Vienna Austria - 1 Day, 24 Hours

Midday: Follow our free Old Town Vienna Walking Tour.

Suggested Itineraries For Vienna Austria - 1 Day, 24 Hours

Afternoon: See some of our Ringstrasse Tram Tour.

Two Days In Vienna:

A 2-day itinerary lets you split up your days a little bit better and lets you full focus on Old Town your first day.  We suggest doing our Old Town Walk and full Ring Tram Tour with museums the first day since all of the sights for both are fairly close to each other.  If it takes you longer than normal to get through the Old Town Walk push either the Museum Quartier or the Ring Tram Stops 2-19 to the afternoon of the 2nd day if needed.  We like to do the Schönbrunn Palace on day 2 since it is much more impressive than the Hofburg Palace and will make you feel like you saved the best for last.  Flip-flop the order of your 2 days in Vienna if needed for weather.

For the afternoon of day 2, we suggest taking a short side trip to either nearby Mödling (Liechtenstein Castle & Underground Lake) or Kreuzenstein Castle.  You can even take a little longer day trip to Melk Abbey, although we like this option only if you are leaving for Melk in the morning.  Finish your second evening in the Swiss Beer Garden in Prater Park (open until 1130pm, closed November-March 14th) or visit the beer garden next to Old Town Hall as a backup.  From prior experience, this suggested itinerary will help you get the most out of 48 hours in Vienna.

•Day 1: Old Town Walk & Ringstrasse Tram Tour with museums.  Evening dinner near Kärntner Strasse.
•Day 2: Morning at Schönbrunn Palace.  Midday Side Trip to either Mödling, Kreuzenstein Castle -or- Melk Abbey.  Evening dinner & drinks at the Swiss Beer Garden.
•Alternative Day 2: Morning at Schönbrunn Palace.  Rest of day for more museum time or some of Vienna’s other sights.
Suggested Itineraries For Vienna Austria - 2 Days, 48 Hours

Day Trip: Midday Side Trip From Vienna to Mödling (Liechtenstein Castle & Underground Lake).

Suggested Itineraries For Vienna Austria - 2 Days, 48 Hours

Day Trip: Midday Day Trip From Vienna to Kreuzenstein Castle

Suggested Itineraries For Vienna Austria - 2 Days, 48 Hours

Evening: Dinner & drinks at the Swiss Beer Garden.

Three Days In Vienna:

A 3-day itinerary in Vienna is when you will really start to fall in love with the region as you will be able to get out of town to some nearby attractions most tourists miss.  Again we suggest you do the Old Town Walk and Ring Tram Tour the 1st day, but on the 2nd day pop over to one of the nearby castles after Schonbrunn Palace.  We love seeing the contrast between the palace and a castle back to back.  The choice between castle options is pretty even for us as the castle in Leobendorf is more impressive, but Mödling has an underground lake you can tour which is great for the whole family.

On day 3 take a day trip over to Melk Abbey in the morning and in the afternoon hit up some of our Other Vienna Sights or anything you missed on day 1.   This schedule will give you plenty of time to relax in the evenings, time to eat midday and the trains to your day trips will give you an additional 30-60 minutes off your feet.  Do dinner at either the Griechenbeisl Restaurant or Marchfelderhof Restaurant.  A three-day visit is our preferred suggested itinerary and you’ll be really happy to have 72 hours in Vienna.

Suggested Itineraries For Vienna Austria - 3 Days, 72 Hours

Morning: Day Trip From Vienna to Melk Abbey.

Suggested Itineraries For Vienna Austria - 3 Days, 72 Hours

Afternoon: Your choice of Other Vienna Sights.

Suggested Itineraries For Vienna Austria - 3 Days, 72 Hours

Evening: Dinner at the Griechenbeisl Restaurant or Marchfelderhof Restaurant.

Four Days In Vienna:

Normally we would say that 4 days in Vienna starts to feel a little too long of a stay, however, having a good itinerary will help you stretch out the fun.  We would pretty much keep everything the same as a 3-day trip, but you have the chance to really mix up your itinerary on day 4.  The extra day will let you pick up any remain sights you haven’t seen and re-visit places you want to give some more attention to like the museums or beer garden; plus sleeping in to relax is always an option too.

If you get through your in-town sights on days 1-3, Mödling and Kreuzenstein Castle are both only 20-40 minutes away.  If you are a real trooper trying to see everything you can, consider taking a little longer day trip on your last day.  Salzburg, Budapest, and Mauthausen Concentration Camp are all about 2 1/2 hours away by train so if you live early you can have a full day there and take a nap on the train on the way back to Vienna.

•Day 1: Old Town Walking Tour & Ringstrasse Tram Tour with museums.

•Day 2: Morning visit Schönbrunn Palace.  Mid-day take a Day Trip From Vienna to Melk Abbey.

•Day 3: A short morning Side Trip to either Mödling -or- Kreuzenstein Castle.  Afternoon your choice of Other Vienna Sights.

•Day 4: Remaining sights from Day 1 & more museum time. Afternoon a short Side Trip to either Mödling or Kreuzenstein Castle.

•Alternative Day 4: Take a longer Side Trip to either Salzburg, Budapest, or Mauthausen Concentration Camp.