Best Tourist Tips For Vienna
Best Tourist Tips For Vienna

The Best Vienna Tourist Tips:

Here are our top travel tips to help take the stress out of your trip to Vienna. We cover everything from how to divide your time, to language tips, how to get around town the easiest. You can thank us later.

1. Planning & Dividing Your Time:
With an amazing central Old Town circled by a great ring of sights and a nearby Royal Palace, there is a lot to do in Vienna.  It can be hard to prioritize what are the most important things to see and how to maximize your time, so we decided to do the work for you.  Whether you are only in town for 1-4 days over more than a week we’ve come up with the best plan of action to get your started.

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2. How To Get To & From The Airport:
Vienna’s main airport, called Flughafen Wien in German, is only 12 miles East of the city center right along the River.  It is very easy to reach central Vienna by train as the S7 metro line goes right to the airport in around 26 minutes with frequent departures.  The Wien Mitte-Landstraße Metro Stop sits just on the Eastside of Old Town which we find to be the most convenient of the many connections to the S7.  From here you have easy access to the subway and trams even if you aren’t stay right in Old Town.

3. Getting Around Vienna:
Centered on Old Town before branching out along major roads and the river, Vienna’s helpful metro system is very easy to use.  Once you are in the compact Old Town you won’t even need the metro much as it is very pedestrian friendly zone, but it is still important to know about.  Along with out maps of the different areas to explore around town we have also included interactive route maps for the most helpful metro lines.

4. Where To Stay In Vienna:
For the most part central Vienna is extremely safe for a city its size and there aren’t any shady neighborhoods immediately around Old Town.  Try to stay in or around Old Town if you can afford it.  If you can’t then make sure you are stay within walking distance of the metro so you can at least get to Old Town quickly without paying for a cab.  When deciding where to stay just outside of the Ringstrasse focus around the River canal and our list of Other Sights.

5. German Language Tips:

Vienna in German is Wien (Veen)

Austria in German is Österreich (Oo-ster-reich)

Hello is Hallo (Ha-Low)

Good Morning is Guten Morgen (Goo-ten Morgen)

Good Day is Guten Tag (Goo-ten Tahg)

Good Evening is Guten Abend (Goo-ten Ah-bent)

Goodbye is Auf Wiedersehen (Ow-fa Vee-da-zane)

Informal Goodbye is Tschüss (Ja-oose), can also use Tschau (Chow)

Thank You is Danke (Dunk-ah)

You’re Welcome is Bitte (Bit-tah)

Do you speak English is Sprechen Sie Englisch (Spa-wreck-ins Zee Ing-Lisch)

Cheers for drinking is Prost (Pro-st)

Zum Wohl (sum voil), meaning To Your Health, can be added at the end of any cheers, but is most commonly used when toasting with wine.

How Are You is Wie Geht Es Dir (Vee Gates Deer)

I’m Doing Well is Ich bin gut (Eek Ben Goot)

Top 10 Things To Do In Vienna:

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