Suggested Itineraries For Budapest
Suggested Itineraries For Budapest

Suggested Itineraries for Budapest:

Suggested Stay: 3-4 Full Days


Itineraries for Budapest really depend on how many of the neighborhoods you want to see, but a short trip should at least cover the best sights. We’ve put together a few options to help you decide and better divide your time. The suggestions we’ve come up with are from our own first hand experiences.

One Day In Budapest:

With just 1 day in Budapest you still have plenty of time to fit many of the main sights into your itinerary. Although the sights in Budapest are more spread out than in other European capitals, many of the neighborhoods flow into each other making it quite easy to navigate your day. We would start in the large City Park which is serviced by the M1 Subway Line. You for sure need to see Vajdahunyadvár Castle, Ják Abbey, and the Statue of Anonymus, before heading to Heroes’ Square to jump on the Subway. Ride down to the Jewish Quarter and visit the moving House of Terror, Dohány Street Synagogue and adjacent Wallenberg Memorial Park. After your Jewish Quarter visit walk over to Váci Utca and do the rest of our Pest Monuments Walking Tour in reserve order getting lunch on the way. At an easy pace this will take you until the early evening with enough time to visit Matthias Church and the Fishermen’s Bastion up on Castle Hill before dark. After dark head back over toward the river bank near Parliament to see Buda Caste and the Chain Bridge lit up before ending your day.

•Day 1: City Park Walking Tour stops 2, 10-11; Jewish Quarter Walking Tour stops 1-2,16; Central Pest Walking Tour stops 1-13 in reverse order; Castle Hill Walking Tour stops 8-10.

Two Days In Budapest:

With 2 days in Budapest your itinerary will cover the same neighborhoods, but you’ll actually have time to see all the sights instead of just the main ones. The 1st day we would tackle the neighborhoods on the Pest side of the Danube River before moving over to the Buda side on day 2. Depending on your interests consider swapping out Gillert Hill for Momento Park on day 2, or if you are a power tourist see all three areas together on your last day.

Three Days In Budapest:

An itinerary for 3 days in Budapest really gives you be best options for choosing your desired pace. If you are looking to take it slow and steady you can spread out all of the main walking tours throughout the 3 days and even fit in a stop to Momento Park. If you are a hard core traveler you can also speed things up by cramming all of the city sights into your first 2 days then pop up to a full day trip to the Danube Bend on day 3. The faster pace is less exhausting then you think, but Budapest does get more charming when you slow it down a notch.

•Day 1: Central Pest Walking Tour & Castle Hill Walking Tour;
Day 2: Jewish Quarter Walking Tour & City Park Walking Tour.
Day 3a: Gillert Hill Walking Tour; visit Momento Park plus Remaining Day 1 and 2 Stops
Day 3b: Doe the same itinerary as 2 days then day trip to The Danube Bend on day 3.

Four Days Budapest:

A 4 day itinerary in Budapest may feel too long for most travelers to stay confined to the city, but it is the perfect amount of time to be able to fit in an excellent day trip. For the most part we suggest following the same itinerary as if you were in Budapest for 3 days, but in the middle of your stay choose between Vienna and the Danube Bend for a long side trip. Many visitors to Budapest are like on their way to, or have just come from Vienna anyway making the Danube Bend the most popular side trip option.

•Day 1: Central Pest Walking Tour & Castle Hill Walking Tour;
Day 2: Jewish Quarter Walking Tour & City Park Walking Tour.
Day 3a: Full day side trip to The Danube Bend.
Day 3b: Long day side trip to Vienna, Austria.
Day 4: Gillert Hill Walking Tour; visit Momento Park plus Remaining Day 1 and 2 Stops

Top 10 Things To Do In Budapest:

1. Visit The Hungarian Parliament Building

2. Go To The Fishermen’s Bastion

3. Check Out Vajdahunyadvár Castle

4. Tour St. Stephen’s Basilica
5. See the Buda Castle & Chain Bridge at Night
6. Visit A Bathhouse
7. Explore Momento Park
8. Take In Heroes’ Square
9. Visit Gellert Hill
10. Go To The Zoo

Bonus: Day Trip To The Danube Bend