Top Tourist Advice For Budapest
Top Tourist Advice For Budapest

Tourist Tips For Budapest:

To help take the stress out of your trip to Budapest, here are our top tourist travel tips. Through first hand visits to Budapest we have learned a a few things that you just need to know a head of time.   Here are the top ten tourist tips for visiting Budapest, you can thank us later.

1. Planning & Dividing Your Time:
Although there is a ton to do and see in Budapest, many of the main sites are spread out among several neighborhoods making it confusing at first. It can be hard to prioritize what are the most important things to see and how to maximize your time, so we decided to do the work for you. Whether you are only in town for 1-3 days or more than a week we’ve come up with the best plan of action to get your started. Check out our Suggested Itineraries For Budapest.

2. Best Time of Year To Visit Budapest:
With the underground metro connecting most of Budapest there really isn’t a bad time of year to visit.  We prefer to visit toward the end of Summer or beginning of Fall for the best weather.  It is also a good time to go as there are a ton of festivals going on like the Sziget Music Festival.  Around the holidays Budapest does not have as large of Christmas markets as you would see in nearby Austria, but you can get a taste of Krampus in the small villages near Budapest.

3. Hungarian Language Tips:

Hello is Helló (Hell-oh) or Szia (SEE-a)

Good Morning is Jó Reggelt (Yo Reg-gaet)

Good Day is Jó Nap (Yo KNap)

Good Evening is Jó Estét (Yo Est-Ate)

Goodbye is Viszontlátásra (VEE-sont-la-tash-ra)

Informal Goodbye is Viszlát (VEES-lat)

Thank You is Köszönöm (KO-so-nom)

You’re Welcome is Szívesen (SEE-ve-shen)

Do you speak English is Beszél angolul? (BE-seyl AN-go-loul?)

Cheers for drinking is Egészségedre (Egg-ace-Shag-Edre)

For Toasting can also use Ein Prosit (Eyn Proz-it) which means I Salute and is usually followed by Der Gemütlichkeit (Dar Gay-mute-lish-kite) meaning I Salute Our Friendship & Good Time

How Are You is Hogy Vagy? (Hodj Vadj)

I’m Doing Well is Köszönöm, jól (KO-so-nom, yoal)

4. Getting Around Budapest:
For as spread out as it is, Budapest is a very easy city to get around in thanks to its well made metro system.  The heart of the metro are the 4 crisscrossing underground subway lines that take you pretty much anywhere you need to go.  The first line was opened in 1896 and the newest was added in 2014.  In addition to the metro there is a historic funicular that goes up Castle Hill and tons of cable cars connecting the city including along the river front.  We have included the important metro lines on all of our walking tour maps.  Here is an overview map to help you out.

5. Where To Stay In Budapest:
Hotel options in Budapest are endless from the budget inn to world-class properties like the Gresham Palace.  We prefer to stay within walking distance of one of the city’s convenient subway lines so you can easily connect to any neighborhood.  One of the best places we had stayed in terms of value is the Easy Hotel near the main train station.  The hotel is part of the same company as the popular budget airline Easy Jet.  The rooms are super cheap if you book them ahead of time.  Keep in mind that the rooms are quite small but they are clean, safe, in a good location and very affordable.

Top 10 Things To Do In Budapest:

1. Visit The Hungarian Parliament Building
2. Go To The Fishermen’s Bastion
3. Check Out Vajdahunyadvár Castle
4. Tour St. Stephen’s Basilica
5. See the Buda Castle & Chain Bridge at Night
6. Visit A Bathhouse
7. Explore Momento Park
8. Take In Heroes’ Square
9. Visit Gellert Hill
10. Go To The Zoo

Bonus: Day Trip To The Danube Bend