Free Prague Walking Tour Map Old Town Stare Mesto
Free Prague Walking Tour Map Old Town Stare Mesto

Free Old Town Kyoto Walking Tour:

Walking Tour Location: Old Town Kyoto (Higashiyama)
Style: Do-It-Yourself Walking Tour (Self Guided
 Gion Station
End: Kiyomizu-dera Temple
Walking Distance: 2.9 Miles
Time: 2-3 Hours for Walk (with attractions 6 hours)
Fun Scale: 10 out of 10

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Overview of the Old Town Kyoto:

Our free Kyoto walking tour covers the mesmerizing sights of old town, known locally as Higashiyama.  From geishas and tea houses to iconic temples and gardens, Higashiyama is probably our favorite place in all of Japan.  You’ll wind through old-world cobblestone streets, through crowds of tourists, and into a world that seems trapped in time.  We hope you enjoy our free Kyoto walking tour map!

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Old Town Kyoto Walking Tour:

1. Ponto-cho Area:

About Ponto-cho: An amazing grouping of narrow cobblestone lanes, filled with authentic restaurants with elevated riverfront terraces, and vibrate with nightlife.

2. Shijo Dori Street:

About Shijo Dori Street : Crossing the Kamo River on Shijo Dori Street brings you to the edge of the famous Gion District.  On this initial stretch of road, you will find the Shijo-Minamiza theatre famous for its Kabuki performances and tons of shops selling traditional Japanese sweets.

3. Shirakawa Minami-dori:

About Shirakawa Minami-dori: Quaint street with traditional Geisha houses, also peak down Shinbachi Dori one street North

4. Gion District:

About The Gion District: Entering Hanamikoji Dori Street you finally hit the real heart of the Gion District.  Hanamikoji Dori is the main Geisha Teahouse and Restaurant Street.  Oochaya (teahouses) and restaurants serving kaiseki meals both over lunch and dinner with an afternoon break and drinks late into the evening.

(gey-on, like key) known for its teahouses and Geishas, Gion Corner Theater has a performance of 7 traditional ceremonies and dance. in July Gion Matsuri, a festival that attracts in excess of a million visitors for its procession of festival floats and traditional musical performances.