Free Paris Walking Tour Map - Latin Quarter & Notre Dame
Free Paris Walking Tour Map - Latin Quarter & Notre Dame

Free Bruges Walking Tour:

Walking Tour Location: Bruges Belgium City Center
Style: Do-It-Yourself Walking Tour (Self-Guided)
Start: Bruges Train Station
End: Stadsschouwburg Bus Stop
Walking Distance: 2.5 Miles
Time: 2 Hours for Walk (with attractions 5-6 hours)
Fun Scale: 10 out of 10

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Overview of Old Town Bruges:

Bruges is super cool

We hope you enjoy our free Bruges walking tour!

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Top Ten Things To Do In Bruges:

1. Canal Boat Tour:

About Notre Dame Cathedral: Also known as Notre-Dame de Paris, the former location of a Roman temple and then the Basicilia of Saint Stephen (Saint-Étienne) which dated back to either the 4th or 7th (renovation of rebuild) century until 1160.  This early 5-nave basilica was very large for its time and around half the total size of the current Cathedral.  Construction on the first Notre Dame then started in 1163 with Pope Alexander III setting the first stone.  Dedicated to the Virgin Mary (Notre Dame).

2. Eat Local Food (Waffels, Chocolate, Fries):

3. Take In The Views:

4. Visit A Brewery:

5. Climb The Belfy Tower:

6. Explore Market Square (Grote Markt):

7. Explore Castle Square (De Burg):

8. Visit The Gruuthusemuseum:

9. Visit The Flemish Art Museum:

10. See A Real Michelangelo:

11. Visit The Vineyard Convent (Ten Wijngaerde):

12. Fry & Chocolate Museums:

13. Go On A Bike Ride:

14. Cash Flow Street (Geldmuntstraat):

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