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Mont Saint Michel, France:

Established In: 708 AD by Bishop Aubert (monks in 966).
Region: Normandy
Suggested Stay:
2-3 Full Days (2 nights).

About Mont Saint Michel:

Not only is the fortified island of Mont Saint Michel one of the most stunning places to visit in France, but it is also one of the most memorable medieval villages you can visit in all of Europe.  Intincsing pilgrims to climb closer to heaven for over a thousand years, the village has remained timelessly romantic to modern tourists.

The village of Mont Saint Michel gets especially lovely paired with an overnight stay on the island as you can experience it free of the hoards of tour buses.  We love roaming the stone alleyways which all lead up to the commanding medieval abbey which holds more secrets than you could learn in a lifetime.   Out of all the things you can do in Mont Michel, our favorite may be joining a guided hike onto the quicksand-filled mud flats at low tide to hear tales of conflict and the famed king William the Conquerer.

We hope that the insider tips in travel guide for Mont Saint Michel, France help you better plan your visit and fall in love with the village as much as we have.

Paris Travel Free Guide

Top 10 Things To Do In Mont Saint Michel:

1. Enjoy The Classic Viewpoints
2. Visit The Abbey (Summer Illumination)
3. Bay Tour & Quicksand Hike
4. Explore The Ramparts
5. Medieval Alleyways & Grande Rue
6. Staying Overnight (sunrise & sunset, crowds)
7. Day Trips (San Malo, Moidrey Mill, Alligator Bay, DDay, Dinan)
8. Local Food & Drink (salt meadow lamb, omelet, oysters, cider)
9. Church of Saint Peter
10. Biking & Horseback Riding

Not Worth Your Time:

11. Museums (Logis tiphaine, Archeoscope, Historical, Maritime)