Savannah, Georgia:

Settled In: Oringally by a group of Yamacraws Native Americans; British arrived in 1732.
Officially Founded: 1733.
Language: English.
Suggested Stay: At least 1 full day with overnight stay and 2-3 full days being ideal.

Overview of Savannah:

The roots of Savannah before the British are a little murky, but the Southern charm the city boasts today is undeniable.  When British colonists arrived in 1732, they found the area to be void of settlement outside of Chief Tomochichi and his band of Yamacraw Native Americans living on the bluff.  Tomochichi is believed to have been an exiled member of the Creek Nation and had relatively friendly relations with the colonists.  Among them was James Oglethorpe who laid out the grid-like city plan for Savannah you see today.

As Savannah grew stately mansions were built along wooded public squares and the shipping industry fueled the city.  The first cottage shipment left Savannah in 1764 which by 1820 had become the primary crop of the South.  This shipping boom forever shaped the Savannah riverfront with huge storage factories, wealthy merchants, secrets tunnels, and a unique network of catwalks called Factor Walks.

From the gorgeous mansions, hanging Spanish Moss, decorative fountains, horse carriage rides, haunted tales, Civil War era history, and tasty Southern food, there is a lot to fall in love with while visiting Savannah Georgia.

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