How To Get To Berchtesgaden From Salzburg By Bus 840 Train Best Way From Munich
How To Get To Berchtesgaden From Salzburg By Bus 840 Train Best Way From Munich

How To Get To Berchtesgaden:

Time From Salzburg: 45 minutes by bus; 30 minutes by taxi/car; or 1 hour & 25 minutes by train.
Time From Munich: 2 hours & 45 minutes train ride; or 2 hours by car.
Bus Timetable From Salzburg: Bus 840 (SummerWinter).
Train Timetables: German Bahn website HERE or Austrian OEBB website HERE.

One of the main things that scares people off from visiting Berchtesgaden is figuring out how to get there from either Salzburg or Munich, but it is actually really easy.  From Munich, the train is better but from Salzburg, which is where many of you are coming from, the bus is the best option.  Don’t worry if you have luggage with you as storage lockers are available at the Berchtesgaden Train/Bus Station.

Best Option:

From Salzburg: Bus 840 (Explained Below).

From Munich: Train

Getting To Berchtesgaden By Bus:

Getting to Berchtesgaden by Bus from Salzburg is very easy and direct, plus it’s actually a bit faster and cheaper than the train at less than 5€.  A taxi may be tempting from Salzburg since it is only 12 miles away, but the cost can be 50-100€.   Getting to Berchtesgaden from Salzburg by bus is a lot cheaper and only a little slower than a taxi so it is the way to go.  Granted if you have a rental car that is even better (explained below) but the bus is the best option for most visitors getting to Berchtesgaden from Salzburg.

1. Bus #840 From Salzburg (45 Minutes):

Route Overview: Taking Bus 840 from Salzburg to Berchtesgaden is very simple as the route directly connects the central stations in both cities.  Bus 840 leaves just across the road from McDonald’s near Salzburg’s main bus depot at the streetside Bus Stall J (Engelbert-Weiß-Weg).   The bus leaves at least once every hour and only takes 45 minutes to get to Berchtesgaden with no transfers needed.  Tickets can be purchased from the bus driver in cash or from the outdoor machines at the Salzburg station bus depot.

You can also get on Bus 840 to Berchtesgaden at the South-bound Mirabellplatz, Rathaus, Mozartsteg (Rudolfskai), or Justizgebäude (Hellbrunner Straße) bus stops depending on where you are staying in town.  You can find these stop marked on our How To Get To Berchtesgaden map.

Please keep in mind other buses from Salzburg go toward Berchtesgaden (Buses 25 & 28), but they only go as far as the German border at Saint Leohard then turn around.  Only Bus 840 goes all the way to Berchtesgaden.  On returns back to Salzburg, Bus 840 will drop you off directly in front of the train station in the main bus depot (Bin G).


Ticket Cost: 5.80€ for a one-way ticket or 10€ for a Tageskarte All Day Pass which also covers your return trip to Salzburg.  You’ll buy your ticket from the bus driver or from the machines.  This ticket DOES NOT cover other inter-city buses inside either Salzburg or Berchtesgaden, but a day ticket inside either city is very cheap.

Bus 840 Timetable: View here (SummerWinter), takes 45 minutes from Salzburg.  Buses leave Salzburg (Bin J) every 1-2 hours with the first one at 6:35am on weekdays and 9:15am on weekends.  The last bus returning to Salzburg leaves the Berchtesgaden train station at 6:15pm with the train as a night time backup.

Current Schedule Austrian OEBB Website: HERE, make sure to select bus only under more options if the bus doesn’t show right away.

Important Stops: While Bus 840 connects the train stations in Salzburg and Berchtesgaden it also stops at the Berchtesgaden Salt Mine on its way into town.  Especially if you pre-book your tour, it can be a big time saver to get out at the Salt Mine on the way or use it as your last stop before returning to Salzburg.

Luggage: If you have luggage you need to get on at the Bus Depot/Train Station as Bus 840 often has no luggage storage bins so you’ll want first access to the seats that have better space for bringing your bags.  These seats also have leather straps for securing your luggage.

If you miss the last bus: If you miss the last departure of Bus 840 back to Salzburg at 6:15pm, you still have the option to take the train back.  The train departs hourly as a backup until 10:10pm daily (see info below) and is only 10.50€ each way.  Taxis, however, will be 60€.

2. Bus #41 From Hallein (40 Minutes):

Route Overview: Sometimes visitors want to get to Berchtesgaden from either Hallein or Werfen which can be a little confusing but it is doable.  From the Hallein Train Station, you take Bus 41  through town past the Luge Course where the route ends just shy of the German Border.  A short walk across the border matches you up with the route of Bus 848 which takes you right into Berchtesgaden.  You may find it easier to just take the train all the way to Salzburg and hop on Bus 840 instead to avoid any hassles, but the Luge can be a pretty fun place to get stranded at.  Mix in the neighboring Hallein Salt Mines and you can always make a day of it, but Berchtesgaden is still a million times more fun.

Getting To Berchtesgaden By Train:

Getting to Berchtesgaden by train from either Salzburg or Munich is super easy.  From either Salzburg or Munich hop on a train to Freilassing which is on the Austria/Germany border.  At the Freilassing  Train Station you switch trains to Berchtesgaden and a short time later you are there.  The Berchtesgaden train station is centrally located and has bag lockers if you are day tripping.  Trains leave from all stations every 30-60 minutes starting around 6am and the last returning trains leave between 9:30-10:10pm daily.

1. By Train From Salzburg (1 Hour 25 Minutes):

Route Overview: The train ride from Salzburg to Berchtesgaden will take about 1 Hours and 25 Minutes, with a 20-minute layover in Freilassing.  It is almost twice as slow as taking Bus 840, but it gets you to the same place.  For the most part, we only use the train if we decide to stay in Berchtesgaden past dinner time as Bus 840 to Salzburg stops between 5:15-6:15pm and the train departs until 10:10pm daily.

Tickets will cost 10.50€ each way (8.80€ if you buy in advance) and almost never sell out so you can pretty much just show up 30 minutes before the train you want to take is leaving and buy your ticket.  For the current schedule visit the German Bahn website HERE or Austrian OEBB website HERE.

2. By Train From Munich (2 Hours 35 Minutes):

Route Overview: We have visited Berchtesgaden from Munich by train and returned the same day with ease.  The train from Munich to Berchtesgaden will take 2 Hours and 35-45 Minutes, with a 10-minute layover to switch trains in Freilassing.  The ticket will cost 39€ each way with special fares up to half off if you book in advance.  For the current schedule visit the German Bahn website HERE or Austrian OEBB website HERE.

They often have special discounts for buying in advance and it is cheaper if you buy your round-trip fare together.  Consider the Bayern Day Pass (more info) if coming to Berchtesgaden from Munich.  The pass covers unlimited trains for the day anywhere around Bavaria plus Salzburg (only on the Blue/Yellow Meridian Train) starting at 25€ for 1 person and goes up 6€ per person up to 5 people with advance booking.  The only downside that on Monday-Friday you can’t start your travel with these special passes until 9am, but Saturday & Sunday you can start anytime.  Make sure to check out our full list of the Best German Train Passes (more info).

It can be tempting to visit Berchtesgaden by train for the day on your way to nearby Salzburg, but we wouldn’t do that.  You can get to Salzburg from Munich is just 90 minutes by train then from Salzburg to Berchtesgaden by Bus 840 in just 45 minutes.  It is a better practice to just go right to Salzburg from Munich and the pop down to Berchtesgaden during one of your days there.

Getting To Berchtesgaden By Car or Rental:

It only takes 30 minutes to drive the scenic route from Salzburg to Berchtesgaden making it a little faster than taking the bus.  The biggest advantage of driving yourself is that you can drive right to all of the main attractions without having to backtrack to the train station and switch buses.

Parking is extremely easy in Berchtesgaden as there is a parking lot directly across the road from the train station, one near the Kings Lake Ferry Docks, one at the Salt Mine, a huge one at the Dokumentation Center for the Eagles Nest, and two other lots right in the center of town (Parkplatz & the underground Contipark  Maximilianstraße website).

Very Important: If you will be driving on either the Austrian A1 or A10 Autobahn Highways around Salzburg then your car needs to have a European Union travel sticker called a “vignette” in your car window.  The Alpenstraße 150/160 between Salzburg and Berchtesgaden (305 on the German side) does not require a vignette.  One of the 3 routes from Munich to Berchtesgaden does require a vignette however as it briefly takes you on the A1 from the border to Salzburg, but there are two other driving options from Munich that never leave Germany.

Because the vignette stickers are required to enter Austrian Autobahns, they are included in most Austrian based rental cars, but rentals from Germany don’t always come with one.  These stickers only cost around 10 euros for 3 days and can be picked up either from your rental car company or from almost any gas station.  The ticket for not having a vignette sticker on an Austrian Autobahn is almost 200 euros.

Getting To Berchtesgaden By Taxi:

From Salzburg to Berchtesgaden it’s only a 16-mile drive which normally takes around 30 minutes.  Taxis can be a great option if you tight on time, have a group, lots of luggage, or are also looking to visit the Sound of Music Meadow on your way into town.  Pricing can be tricky as the journey is supposed to be a fixed rate starting at 50€ one way plus tip, but companies often try to vastly overcharge you.  Make sure to ask, negotiate, and understand the price before accepting a ride which in total shouldn’t be more than 60€.  Many drivers will also give you a deal to drive you between Berchtesgaden attractions which can also save you time instead of waiting at the train station for the hourly local buses after you arrive.

Bag Lockers & Luggage Storage:

Stopping in Berchtesgaden for the day while traveling between Salzburg and Munich is very popular, however, you will likely need a place to store your luggage.  Luckily there are coin-operated lockers right at the train station for you to use.  The bag storage lockers only cost 2€ for up to 24 hours.

They have around 12 Jumbo lockers (90x50x85 cm) and 16 Small lockers (45x35x85 cm).  That may not sound like a lot, but because most people either stay in Berchtesgaden or pop over for the day, there usually isn’t a ton of daily competition for luggage lockers.  While dropping off your bags, consider grabbing some free brochures are the tourist information office and visitor center also located at the train station.

Getting Around Berchtesgaden:

Once you get to Berchtesgaden it is very easy to get around thanks to the compact nature of the village, an efficient bus system, and convenient Alpine lifts.  To make things even easier all of the bus use the Train Station has their central hub.  Whether it’s Bus 841 to Königssee & Jennerbahn, Bus 838 to the Documentation Center & Eagles Nest, or Bus 846 to Ramsau everything is very easy to get to.

So you can get a better idea of which Bus to take, we’ve added off of the most helpful local bus routes to the maps on each Berchtesgaden tour pages.

Local Taxi Company: Website.  Berchtesgaden Bus Company: Website.