top ten tourist tips for visiting berchtesgaden germany - travel advice
top ten tourist tips for visiting berchtesgaden germany - travel advice

Tourist Tips For Berchtesgaden:

To help take the stress out of planning your trip to Berchtesgaden, here are a few of our top tips.  Through first-hand visits to Berchtesgaden, we have learned a few things that you just need to know ahead of time.

Many of these tourist tips for Berchtesgaden involve how to plan and divide your time as the top ten things to do are in a couple of different areas of town.  This is an obstacle for planning if you haven’t been there before since Berchtesgaden has a mixture of lakes and mountains requiring different buses to get between them. With some of the common questions we get from readers, we have also included info on the best ways to get to Berchtesgaden as well as our thoughts on what the best festivals to visit are.  Enjoy your planning!

1. How To Get To Berchtesgaden:

About Getting To Berchtesgaden: Step one of enjoying this awesome village is figuring out the best way to get here from Munich or Salzburg.  From Salzburg it is only around 16 miles making driving really fast, but taxis are expensive.  We love Bus 840 the most for the journey as it is direct, cheap, and faster then the train at only 45 minutes.  Expect the train will take over an hour and requires a transfer.   Getting to Berchtesgaden from Munich it will be around a 3 hour train ride with 1 transfer and the ticket is covered by the special Bayern Pass.

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2. Planning & Dividing Your Time:

About Planning Your Time In Berchtesgaden: Although there is a ton to do and see in Berchtesgaden, many of the sites are spread out from one another making it very confusing at first.  It can be hard to prioritize what are the most important things to see and how to maximize your time, so we decided to do the work for you. Whether you are only in town for 1-3 days or more than a week we’ve come up with the best plan of action to get you started

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3. Top Things To Do In Berchtesgaden:

About Things To Do In Berchtesgaden: Some of the main sights in Berchtesgaden like the Eagle’s Nest are no brainier must-dos, but there are a number of other sites well worth your time.  When coming up with our favorite things to do we tried to look at a wide range of items to keep your trip well rounded.  From Holiday Festivals, Nazi Party ruins, mountain hiking, and the King’s Lake, we think you’ll be happy with the result.

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4. Best Time of Year To Visit Berchtesgaden:

About The Best Time To Visit: This is a question that we get all the time, when is the best time to visit?  In short we say the Spring or the Fall when all the main attractions are open, but there are still less tourists.  The mountain hiking this time of year is amazing and the air everywhere has a crispness to it.  The Winter months are where it gets tricky, but has it’s pros and cons.  The downside to the Winter is that the most popular attraction, the Eagle’s Nest will be closed as will the Luge and most hiking trails.

On the bright side, there will be great Alpine skiing and festivals like Advent Town of Christmas in the Winter.  One of the biggest advantages of Berchtesgaden in the Winter over regional towns it that its Lake Ferry and Salt Mine both stay open year round.  As you can see, it really depends on what you’re going for, but there is no bad time to visit.

5. German Language Tips:

Our Top German Language Tips:

Salzburg in German is Salzburg (Zaltz-borg)

Austria in German is Österreich (Oo-ster-reich)

Hello is Hallo (Ha-Low)

Good Morning is Guten Morgen (Goo-ten Morgen)

Good Day is Guten Tag (Goo-ten Tahg)

Good Evening is Guten Abend (Goo-ten Ah-bent)

Goodbye is Auf Wiedersehen (Ow-fa Vee-da-zane)

Informal Goodbye is Tschüss (Ja-oose), can also use Tschau (Chow)

Thank You is Danke (Dunk-ah)

You’re Welcome is Bitte (Bit-tah)

Do you speak English is Sprechen Sie Englisch (Spa-wreck-ins Zee Ing-Lisch)

Cheers for drinking is Prost (Pro-st)

Zum Wohl (sum voil), meaning To Your Health, can be added at the end of any cheers, but is most commonly used when toasting with wine.

How Are You is Wie Geht Es Dir (Vee Gates Deer)

I’m Doing Well is Ich bin gut (Eek Ben Goot)

6. Getting Around Berchtesgaden:

About Getting Around: Getting around town is super easy even though the sights are spread out.  In addition to walking the compact Old Town, there are only 4 main bus routes.  Bus 840 goes toward Salzburg, Bus 841 goes toward Kings Lake, Bus 846 goes toward Ramsau, and Bus 838/849 go to the Eagle’s Nest.  Making it even easier, all routes lead to the Train Station.  In addition to the buses, taxis are extremely cheap in Berchtesgaden so if you flag one down from the Train Station you’ll be very surprised.

7. Where To Stay In Berchtesgaden:

About Staying In Berchtesgaden: Most people who visit stay in Salzburg or Munich and just pop down for the day, but there are easily 3 days worth of stuff you can do in Berchtesgaden.  One of the biggest advantages of staying overnight is that you can truly experience the relaxation and peacefulness of a small Alpine village.  Staying in Old Town in a good way to do it, but we prefer a mountain lodge.  They are a little tricky to get to as some require hiking, but are really worth it.  Whether you choose Jennerbahn Mountain (Schneibstein & Berggasthof) or Watzmann (Watzmann Guest House) there are great guest houses high up on the edge of the tree line you just can’t find other places in the World.  After all vacationing is all about experiencing things you can do at home.