Free Nuremburg Walking Tour Map of Old Town Nürnberg Germany Guide
Free Nuremburg Walking Tour Map of Old Town Nürnberg Germany Guide

Nuremberg Imperial Castle Tour:

Walking Tour Location: Nuremberg Imperial Castle (Kaiserburg Nürnberg)
Cost: Free, Self-Guided (Museum costs listed below)
Style: Do-It-Yourself Walking Tour (Self Guided
  Tiergärtnertor Tram Stop
End: Animal Garden Gate Square (Tiergärtnertor Platz)
Walking Distance: 1 Mile
Time: 45 Minutes for Walk (with attractions 3 hours)
Fun Scale: 9 out of 10

Nuremberg Imperial Castle Overview:

Rebuilt after World War 2, Nuremberg was one of the mightiest medieval cities in Europe and is still a delight to visit today.

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15. Imperial Stables Hostel (Kaiserstallungen):

About The Imperial Stables Hostel: Located inside the former Imperial horse stables (1495) and grainy is now the wonderful DJH Yout Hostel.  Like in many Germany cities during the occupation, the stables were turned to the Reich Youth Hostel in 1937, destroyed in World War II, and rebuilt in 1953.  Today it is not only one of the oldest hostels in Europe, but you also get to stay where real Medieval knights once stayed, albeit far more modernized now.  As one of the biggest hostels in Germany, the massive hall has 93 rooms with 340 guest beds.

The Luginsland Tower on the Eastside was built in 1377 and has the original 4 corners style top from the Middle Ages.

1190 Zollern extended the Pentagonal Tower (Fünfeckturm).  In the castle wall just beyond the tower, you’ll find two horseshoe prints which are shrouded in legend. An ancient tale tells us there was an errant knight named Eppelein, who stole from the citizens of Nuremberg. Once he attacked a wealthy patrician bride on her wedding day – and even kissed her! He was captured and shortly before his execution was granted one last wish: Eppelein wanted to sit one more time upon his faithful steed. But he didn’t stay in one place: With a foolhardy leap of his horse, Eppelein sprang over the moat of the Nuremberg castle and escaped – leaving the hoof prints of his horse in the castle wall

Rooms: They have 10 person hostel rooms, 2 person private rooms, and family rooms.  Cost: Board in shared rooms starts at 32 Euros a night or for private rooms starting at 90 Euros.  Guest Age: While all ages are welcome the shared rooms at Youth Hostels are primarily intended for young people which small surcharges if you are 27 or older.  If you have a private family room children 6 and under stay free.  Website: Here.

16. Imperial Castle of Nuremberg (Kaiserburg Nürnberg):

About The Imperial Castle: They have found evidence of a settlement on Castle Hill that dates back to before the year 1000, although the current castle was started in 1050.   Salier, then Staufer, then Hollenzoller burggave

Hours: Daily.  Website: Here.

17. Castle Garden (Burggarten):

About The Castle Garden: Laid out in the 1000’s when Emperor Frederic resided here.
the oldest depiction of the imperial castle of 1425 shows a tree garden with a braided fence.  Emperor Friedrich III. (1440-1493)  had a hanging garden for storing wine on the Southside.   Between 1538 and 1545 bastions were built on the north and west side, on which later the existing castle garden was created.

Hours: Open daily from April through October from 8am-Dark (8pm at the latest)Cost: Free.