Munich Germany Travel Guide
Munich Germany Travel Guide

Volterra, Italy:


Founded In: Settled in Etruscan times around 1500 BC; Strength peaked in the 1100-1200s AD.
Language: Italian, plus a little English.
Suggested Length of Stay: 1-2 Full Days.


In modern times, Volterra might be known as the home of the fictional vampires from the Twilight movies, but it is really the hidden Medieval gem of Tuscany.  Enjoy our Volterra travel guide!

Munich Germany Travel Guide

Top 10 Things To Do In Volterra:

1. Piazza Dei Priori
2. Roman Theater & Baths
3. Visit The City Gates

4. Volterra Duomo
5. Evening Stroll & Drinks
6. Etruscan Acropolis Park
7. Palazzo Viti
8. Alabaster Shops
9. Torture Museum
10. Eat Italian Food

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