Hallstatt Austria Travel Guide
Hallstatt Travel Guide

Hallstatt, Austria:

Settled In: Salt mine ruins & tools date back to 5,000 B.C.
Officially Founded: 1158 A.D.
Population: 1,000
Suggested Stay: 1-2 Full Days


Sustained by the richness of local salt deposits, there was a Hallstatt before there was even a Rome. How much before Rome you ask?  The first recorded settlement in Hallstatt is from 5000BC!  While much of Hallstatt has obviously changed some over 7000 years, they have started to unearth pottery and artifacts, such as an ancient wooden staircase, that are shedding new light on the villages early days.

Today, old world charm doesn’t just come from Hallstatt’s small Alpine setting or its terraced 500-600 year old homes, but instead mainly comes from the laid back, easy going vibe, and friendly locals.  Aside from strolling the quaint streets, our favorite activities in Hallstatt include visits to the local salt mine, the Bone Chapel, through giant Ice Caves, and boat trips onto the imposing lake.  Enjoy our Hallstatt Austria travel guide!

Hallstatt Bone Chapel

Top 10 Things To Do In Hallstatt:

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Getting To Hallstatt:

Getting to Hallstatt from either Salzburg, Munich, or Vienna is a lot easier than you can even imagine since it is hard to find the correct info online.  The best way to get to Hallstatt from Salzburg is typically the bus, while train is better from Vienna, but it depends on your schedule.  The link below has a guide we put together from our recent trips to Hallstatt to get you going.

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  • MAB Voyager

    Hi, when making a trip salzburg- innsbruck- hallstat, and then spending the night in hallstat, wil the bayern pass cover this trip? if not al the way to insbruck can part of the jouirney to insbruck be coevered or one just has to buy regular oen way tickets throughout? im trying to see innsbruck and go to hallstat on my way to vienna. tryign to cover as much as possible in one day but only if theres some part of the journey to innsbruck covered in the pass will it make sense doing this.

    • The Bayern Pass only covers trips within Bavaria during 1 day. Hallstatt and Innsbruck are both outside of the coverage for the pass. The journey from Innsbruck to Hallstatt will take around 4 hours and cost roughly 45 euros a per adult.

      Are you no longer going to Berchtesgaden? The overall experience of the collection of sights in Berchtesgaden are waaaay better than in Innsbruck and is only 12 miles from Salzburg, plus Salzburg is than a lot closer to Hallstatt.

      • MAB Voyager

        problem is the rainy weather on the day we planned berchtesgaden and hence the thought of going to innsbruck. my bad i meant the austria day pass not german bayern pass. but i guess even that doesnt cover this journey.

        • Yep you are correct, neither pass helps you much for who you are routing it.
          Me me it doesn’t make much sense to skip Berchtesgaden for Innsbruck because it is raining. There is probably less to do in Innsbruck on a rainy day then in Berchtesgaden. Remember in Berchtesgaden the lake boat has a covered top, the salt mine is a great rainy day activity, and the Documentation/Eagles Nest can still be cool even on a rainy day.
          In Innsbruck you can go the Crystal headquarters, shop, or go up the mountain, thats about all there is to do there.

          • MAB Voyager

            Okay thanks again that makes sense

          • MAB Voyager

            got it, we decided on Berchtesgaden over Innsbruck so your opinion really helped.

            In hallstat, apart from the town and five fingers, is there anything else to do? does the village band play daily in evenings?
            Im not into the ice caves as ive seen a huge one in iceland so this one seems much smaller. and salt mine we will do in Berchesgaden, so was wondering if there is someting else to do in Hallstat that day. Do you recommend any scenic restaurants to eat at?

            We need a taxi going to the airport from adolf kipling strabe and we are not staying at a hotel but airbnb and hosts wont be around they are on vacation. so i was looking for a phone no for a cab company as i dont anticipate cabs waiting in that area early morning. Thanks again!

          • Hallstatt you will have the village, Ice Cave, 5 fingers, row boating, bone chapel, salt mine, and hiking as the main things to do. The If you are only going to the 5 Fingers and skipping the Ice Caves I wouldn’t even go up the mountain. I would instead to the Salt Mine in Berchtesgaden along with the village, then take the Salt Mine out of your Berchtesgaden visit to have more time to focus on the other sites there. Just my thoughts, your call.

            Taxi-wise, I don’t even know what city you are referencing, most cities in Europe you go to the airport by metro not taxi. I would ask the people who’s airbnb you are staying at for a local cab number.

          • MAB Voyager

            Also whats teh best way to go onward from Hallstat to Vienna. can the austrian pass be used there? thanks

          • your best bet will to go to http://www.oebb.at/en/ and put in your dates. The pass wont help much, currently it looks like the best deal is the 6:48pm train which is only 19 euros a person. There is also a 6:58 option but the first leg is the bus from the Village side (Lahn) and has 2 more connections although the travel time is about the same. The 5pm train is only 34 and other options are around 50 euros a person. Check the link I sent which will give you all of the options, times, and prices for the dates you need.

          • MAB Voyager

            Thanks so much for everything!!

          • MAB Voyager

            We also needed to buy a phonecard from prague airport, any idea which terminal they would be at and if they would work in austria?

          • As long as you have a phone that takes sim cards you should be good, you’ll want to stop at a TI (tourist information) booth to buy a card. We use T-Mobile which includes international service so I haven’t bought a phone card in probably 10 years. I would suggest checking with your current phone carrier on adding international service, often you can add it for a couple weeks then cancel the add the add on. This would be an easy seamless way to do it. Also make sure to look up the dialing codes for each country you are going to.