Where to find luggage storage & bag lockers while visiting Hallstatt - Train Station
Hallstatt Luggage Storage & Bag Lockers

Hallstatt Luggage Storage & Bag Lockers:

Important Info: There are no luggage lockers at the Hallstatt Train Station, see alternative options below for bag storage.

Luggage Locker Size & Cost: Small 2€ (45x35x85 cm); Medium 2.50€ (60x35x85 cm); Large 3.50€ (90x35x85 cm); Jumbo 3.50€ (90x50x85 cm).

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We prefer to visit Hallstatt either as an overnight visit or as a day trip from Salzburg which gets rid of any potential luggage storage issues, but in case you can’t avoid it below are you options for storing your bags while visiting.  You will either have to temporarily store your luggage in a coin operated locker during one of the short layovers on the way to or use one of the limited options in town.  Be warned, there are no bag lockers at the tiny Hallstatt Train Station or at the Dachstein Ice Caves so please use the information below to plan for your luggage if needed.

Bag Lockers & Luggage Storage Options:

1. Attnang-Puchheim Train Station: When going to Hallstatt by train from either Salzburg or Vienna we have found that dropping your bags off at the Attnang-Puchheim Train Station is the easiest option especially since you will have to transfer trains here anyway.  Coming from/to Vienna you will have a 20-30 minute layover between trains and from/to Salzburg a 12-17 minute lay over to stash your luggage.  With the short transfer window from Salzburg, you’ll want to make sure you have Euro coins ready and follow the signs right to the bag lockers.  The cost for a locker ranges from 2-4€ depending on the size you need and it will be good for up to 24 hours.

Since the Attnang-Puchheim Train Station was rebuilt in 2011 we haven’t had any using finding a bag locker to quickly store our luggage before catching the train to Hallstatt even with a short layover.  The Attnang-Puchheim Train Station is modern, well laid out, and has tons of storage lockers.  The trains to/from Vienna and Salzburg are usually on tracks 3/2 while the ones to/from Hallstatt are on next door tracks 4/5 making it easy to drop your bags as you switch tracks.  In the very unlikely event that all of the bag lockers in Attnang-Puchheim Bahnhof are all full, or your connection gets too tight, you will have to bring them with to Hallstatt and use one of the options below.

2. Dachstein Ice Caves Visitor Center:
 The Dachstein Ice Cave Visitor Center, finally has luggage lockers as of 2017.  This has long been an issue for visitors needing to store their bags, especially if you were arriving by bus from Salzburg all the way through to the Ice Caves.  In the past you would have had to get out in Hallstatt, drop your bags, then wait 30-60 minutes for the next bus up to the visitor center which was a big waste of time.   The Dachstein Visitor Center has a limited number of storage with 12 Medium lockers (60x35x85 cm), and 10 Large locker (90x35x85 cm) that range from 1-2€ for up to 24 hours.  During peak Summer season the lockers can get close to full mid-day, but if you are there earlier in the day you shouldn’t have any issues.  We were there mid-day in September and only half of the luggage lockers were being used.

3. Hallstatt Tourism Office:
 One of the most popular options is to store your luggage at the Hallstatt Tourism Office when you arrive to town.  They have a small storage room which can hold up to 20 bags and the office is staffed.  It is 3€ per bag and you must pick your bag up before the office closes which in the Summer is by 5-7pm.  Very important to note is that the Tourism Office is closed on Sundays year round as well as Saturdays in November and December.

The Tourism Office is right next to the main Hallstatt Lahn bus stop on the South side of town which can make it easy if you are coming to Hallstatt by bus.  If you are visiting the ice caves, however, getting off the bus to drop your bag here can be very inconvenient as it means you’ll have to waiting another 30-60 minutes to hop back on the same bus up to the Ice Caves when you could have simply rode through the first time.  The Tourism Office is also a little tricky if you are arriving by train as getting here from the train station requires a ferry ride across the lake and walk with your bags all the way through town.

Office Hours: January to April Monday-Friday 8:30am-5pm; Saturday 9am-1pm; Sundays Closed.  May to June Monday-Friday 8:30am-5pm; Saturday-Sunday 9am-2:30pm.  July to October Monday-Friday 8:30am-6pm; Saturday-Sunday 9am-4pm.  November & December Monday-Friday 8:30am-5pm; Saturday-Sunday Closed.

4. Salt Mine Visitor Center:
 Opened in 2016, the Salt Mine Visitor Center is the only place in the Hallstatt village which has coin operated lockers.  It sits at the base of the funicular which lifts visitors up Salt Mountain (Salzberg) to Rudolph’s Tower and the Salt Mine entrance.  The Salt Mine Visitor Center is fairly close to the Hallstatt Lahn Bus Stop and is open until an hour after the funicular lift closes so in the Summer months it is open until 7pm.  Like the City Visitor Center, stopping to drop your bags here takes you off of the bus 543 that would continue to the Ice Caves, but it is an excellent back up option.

Center Hours: Stays open 1 hour after the funicular lift closes.  April through late-September 9am-7pm; late-September through early-November 9am-5:30pm; the rest of November 9am-5pm; CLOSED late-November until early-April.

5. Salzburg & Vienna Train Stations: Most people needing to store their luggage while visiting Hallstatt are traveling between Vienna and Salzburg or Munich so this option for you bags won’t work for many.  There are a ton of luggage lockers at Salzburg station as well as the major stations in Vienna.  You can store your bags for up to 24 hours.   The Salzburg Station option isn’t super useful for most people, but can be ideal if you are popping out to Hallstatt for the day then returning back through Salzburg either to switch to a new hotel or continue to a new city in the West of town like Munich.

6. Weekday Door To Door Service:
 If you are traveling by train, the Austrian National Railway (OEBB) has a limited weekday door to door luggage delivery service called Haus-Haus-Gepäck.  A situation where you might use the service is if you are going from Salzburg to Vienna and visiting Hallstatt for the day on the way through.  You send your luggage ahead to Vienna, taking your carry only to Hallstatt then pick up your bigger luggage in Vienna the next day.  Some people do find the luggage service better than dropping your bags in a coin locker mid journey then having to pick them back up again.  It is also very popular for sending bikes, strollers, and ski equipment between cities especially since there are options for pickup or delivery with Germany and Switzerland also.

How It Works: You have to add the luggage service onto your OEBB train ticket at least 2 days before departure then bring your bags to the luggage service area of the train station during your designated 4 hour time slot which will be sometime from 9am-5pm Monday-Friday.  Pick-up and delivery is available to and from Salzburg, Linz, Graz, Vienna, Innsbruck, (not Hallstatt) as well as many cities in Germany, South Tyrol and Switzerland.  If your origin and destination are both in Austria the bags will arrive following day in inside a set 4 hour window, but if it is international delivery takes up to 3 days.  The costs is usually 20€ per bag domestically or 40€ for international service.  Vienna has extended hours from 5-9pm on Wednesday but they charge an extra 15€ per bag.  There surcharge of 10€ for special items and 10-20€ for bikes.