How To Get To Hallstatt From Vienna & Salzburg Best Way - Cheapest Fastest
How To Get To Hallstatt From Vienna & Salzburg By Train

How To Get to Hallstatt:

Distance From Salzburg: 2 Hours 15 minutes by Bus -or- 2.5 hours by train plus a short ferry ride.  Only 1 hour and 15 minutes by car.

Distance From Vienna: 4 hours by train, but it’s a great stop on the way to or from Salzburg.  A little over 3 hours by car from Vienna.

Bus Timetables From Salzburg: Bus 150 (here); Bus 542/543 (here).

Train Schedules: Austrian National OEBB website (here).

Luggage Storage: Read more here.


Getting to Hallstatt from Salzburg, Munich, or Vienna can seem confusing on first glance, but is pretty easy and cheap if you know what to do.  We prefer to take the train if coming from Vienna or the take the bus if coming from Salzburg assuming you don’t have a rental car.  We like the bus from Salzburg to Hallstatt better than the train because it is a little faster, cheaper, puts you in the heart of Hallstatt, and continues right to the Ice Caves.  Train from Salzburg is fine, but puts you across the lake from town requiring a ferry transfer, and is better suited for returning to Salzburg after your visit than it is for your arrival.  Below is a complete guide we put together from our recent trips to Hallstatt help get you prepared for a painless journey to this beautiful village.

How To Get To Hallstatt By Train:

getting-to-hallstatt-by-trainTrain Route Overview: Getting to Hallstatt by train is super easy.  From either Salzburg or Vienna you’ll take a Austria National OBB train to Attnang-Puchheim where you then transfer to the local REX train toward Hallstatt.  The Attnang-Puchheim train station is 50 minutes from Salzburg and 135 minutes from Vienna.  There will be around a 10 minute layover between trains and the final leg takes 85 minutes.

The only goofy thing about taking the train into Hallstatt is that it actually drops you off across the lake from town which requires a short ferry ride (4 Euros).  On the bright side, the ferry’s schedule matches up to meet incoming trains and the ride offers amazing coastal views of Hallstatt.  If you are looking to check out the Ice Caves,  consider staying on the train on your way into town a couple minutes past the Hallstatt Station and get off at the Obertraun Train Station where you can catch the local 542 Postbus which is explained below.

Summary of Route Legs & Transfers: Our map above will help a ton, but here is the overview of each leg.

1. Salzburg or Vienna > Attnang-Puchheim: It is a direct national train to here from Salzburg in 50 minutes or Vienna Westbahnhof Station in 2 hours.  From/to Salzburg your layover for switching trains will be about 12 minutes and from/to Vienna it will typiclly be 20-30 minutes.

2. Attnang-Puchheim > Bad Ischl  > Hallstatt Bahnhof: The local train from Attnang-Puchheim to Hallstatt Bahnhof will take 90 minutes.  It will drop you off across the lake from town and the Stephanie ferry will be there to meet the incoming trains and glide you into town.  There are no bag lockers here.  If visiting the ice caves consider riding the train another 5 minutes to Obertraun Station to catch bus 543.

Train Tickets Cost & Timetables: For train info visit the German Bahn Train website or the Austrian OEBB Train website.  If you book early there are often special online fares called Sparschiene fares which are up to 80% off the full fare.  The specials fares go on sale 6 months in advance, but a limited number are available per train and sell out.  The full fare by train from Salzburg to Hallstatt is 15-28€ each way depending on the train options you select.

How to Get Hallstatt By Bus From Salzburg:

getting-to-hallstatt-by-bus-150-from-salzburgBus Route Overview: Taking the bus from Salzburg to Hallstatt is awesome because it is about 20 minutes faster than taking the train.  Another reason we like it more than the train is that the last leg of the bus route continues through Hallstatt all the way to the Dachstein Ice Cave Visitor Center which can otherwise be a hassle to get to.  The Dachstein Ice Caves are a must do experience while visiting Hallstatt.

Bus TimetablesBus 150 Timetable HERE.  Bus 542 /543 Timetable HERE.  An overview of the route segments and transfers is below which is important if you are going to the Ice Caves. For the current schedule plus use the advanced booking engine (website) and select bus only under more options.

Bus Ticket Cost & Buying: You can buy your bus tickets at the Salzburg train/bus station or directly from the driver.  The home page for the rail company defaults searches to the train option and in order to book the bus ticket ahead of time you need to use the advanced booking engine (website) and select bus only under more options.  Make sure to put Hallstatt Lahn as the destination which is the bus station as the train station is across the lake from town.  Expect to pay around 15€ each way per person.

We almost always buy full fare round-trip tickets upfront and have the driver put everyone’s individual fares on 1 ticket so we don’t have to find 2-3 separate tickets on the way home.  Just let them known you are going to Hallstatt Lahn and returning to Salzburg to pay for the round trip upfront.  There is also sometimes 24 hour regional bus pass (Tageskarte) available for 2 people starting at just 25€.  We have bought it twice with no issues and two other visits between those trips the driver had no idea what we were talking about.


Summary of Route Legs & Transfers: Our map above will help a ton, but here is the overview of each leg.

1. Salzburg > Bad Ischl (Bus 150): Bus #150 leaves the main train station in Salzburg and arrives in Bad Ischl 90 minutes later.  We suggest getting the earliest departure time possible if you plan on returning to Salzburg the same day to maximize your time in Hallstatt.  The earliest bus depends on the day, but will be at either 5:55am or 6:25am on weekdays or 6:45am on weekends. (Bus 150 Printable Route Schedule).

2. Bad Ischl > Hallstatt Gosaumühle (Bus 542): At the Bad Ischl train and bus station you’ll switch buses toward Gosaumühle/Hallstatt.  There will be around a 20 minute layover between buses.  The bus you need typically pulls into slot “C” and will be listed as either Bus 542 -or- 542/543.  Make sure to double check the local bus schedule upon arrival in Bad Ischl and ask the bus driver to make sure it is going where you want.  (Bus 542 Printable Route Schedule).

3. Hallstatt Gosaumühle > Hallstatt Lahn > Dachstein Ice Caves (Post Bus/Shuttle 543): Bus 542 from Bad Ischl toward Hallstatt ends a few miles short of Hallstatt’s city center at the Hallstatt Gosaumühle Bus Stop before heading West to Gosau.  At the Gosaumühle stop you will get out and transfer to the local post bus/van toward the Hallsttat Lahn (Seelände) stop which sits just South of the city center.  If you wish to continue to the Dachstein Ice Caves let the local Post Bus driver know and simply stay on the Gosaumühle>Hallstatt post bus/van past the main Hallstatt Lahn bus stop all the way to the Dachstein Visitor Center.  On the OEBB website the Dachstein stop is called Obertraun Dachsteinseilbahn Talstation.  (Bus 542 to 543 Transfer Printable Schedule).

Bag Lockers & Luggage Storage:
If you are stopping at Hallstatt on your way in between Vienna and Salzburg or Munich you will need to plan ahead to store your luggage during your visit.  The biggest issue, is that unlike other main cities in Austria, there are no bag lockers at the Hallstatt train station.  You will either need to drop you bags at one of the stations on the way during a short layover or you’ll need to take advantage of one of the limited luggage storage options in the heart of Hallstatt.

Read More: Luggage Storage Options Near Hallstatt.

How To Get Around In Hallstatt:

Once you get to Hallstatt you can get anywhere in town quickly by foot.  A funicular takes you from City level up to the Salt Mines.  The Stephanie Ferry quickly brings you across the lake if you need to catch a train.  If you wish to get to the Ice Caves check the local Post Bus Schedule.  Taxis are limited, however, there are a couple companies.  If you are struggling to find one, any Inn Keeper or the Visitor Center staff can help.