Prague Travel Guide
Prague Travel Guide

Prague (Praha), Czech Republic:

Language: Czech, but basic English gets you by.
Suggested Length of Stay: 3 full days or 2 very busy days.

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Overview Of Prague:

Ahoj (Hello) and welcome to Prague!  With a city center largely untouched by WW2 bombings that crushed other European capitals, Prague is the best preserved large Medieval city in the World.  The city is large enough to be impressive, yet cozy enough to feel warm and inviting.  With rich architecture, thriving culture, top-notch drinking, an Old World flair, and even an urban castle, Prague is our favorite Medieval city in Europe.

If you love to feel like you’ve gone to another World and an entirely different culture when you travel, then you will love historic Prague.  The Western influence on Prague is far less than other European capitals and as a tourist, you’ll notice right away, in a good way.  You’ll be stepping back in time into the architecture of Prague’s bridges, towers, castle, and cathedrals.  Our two favorite experiences in Prague are grabbing a drink in one of the Old Town Square’s beer gardens and also touring the historic Jewish Quarter.

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Our Prague Walking Tours:

Top 10 Things To Do In Prague:

1. Stroll St Charles Bridge
2. Visit Old Town Square
3. Observe the Historic Astronomical Clock
4. Experience a Medieval Tavern
5. Explore Mighty Prague Castle
6. Investigate the Synagogues & Cemetery of the Jewish Quarter
7. Scale the Petrin Tower
8. Watch Little Town’s Pissing Fountain
9. Check Out the Clementinum National Library
10. See the Dancing House
11. New Town’s Wenceslas Square

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Brief History of Prague:

The Celts had been in Czech lands since 200BC but the settlement of the city of Prague didn’t start until the 700s.  Legend has it that the Pagan Princess Libuse (daughter of mythical Czech ruler Krok) had a vision from Vyšehrad Castle that she would find a man making stone doorstep (threshold) and there she would establish a new capital city for the kingdom.  The word Prahu in Czech means doorstep which became the name Praha.  After Libuse established the city and married Přemysl, their bloodline created a dynasty starting with Duke Bořivoj I in 876 through Wenceslas III in 1306.

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