Best Way To Get To Prague From The Airport by bus train subway or taxi
Best Way To Get To Prague From The Airport by bus train subway or taxi

Getting To Prague From The Airport::

Bus 119/Green Subway: 1.50€ and 38 minutes
Night Bus 510/Tram 51: 1.50€ and 45 minutes
Train Station Expres Bus: 2.5€ and 33 minutes
Taxi: 25€ and also 35 minutes (little cheaper with Uber)
Airport Shuttle: 7€ and 40-45 minutes

Overview of Your Options:

By far the best option to get to central Prague from the airport for 99% of visitors are going to be by bus followed by a transfer to the subway.  This option takes the same amount of time as a taxi, but is WAY cheaper.  There is also no chance of getting ripped off by a shady cab driver which happens even to seasoned tourists who put there guard down.  If you happen to be bypassing central Prague for to get to the Train Station there is a handy express bus we touch on below as well some options if you are traveling in the middle of the night.

Overall, getting from the airport to Prague is very straightforward, easy, and fast if you do it the right way so definitely read through the options we go over below.  Taking the stress, guesswork, and risk out of getting from the airport will help you start your trip to Prague off on the right foot.

How To Get To Prague From The Airport:

1. Using The Public Bus & Metro (38 Minutes):

About The Best Bus Option: Getting to Prague from the airport by a combination of bus and subway is hands down the best and easiest option.  If you enter Old Town Square (Staré Město) into Google maps it will show the next public transportation departure and we have found Google Maps to be very helpful regardless on your destination in Prague.  You’ll basically just walk right out of airport terminal and buy your metro ticket from the machine right at the bus platform using cash or card.  Bus 119 comes every 6-8 minutes and just make sure to stamp your ticket when you get on the bus and you’ll have 90 minutes of valid metro time.  The airport buses are very open, have low profile floors, and have plenty of room for your luggage.

From the airport, Bus 119 takes roughly 16 minutes to get to its last stop called Nádraží Veleslavín where you get out and transfer to the underground subway.  You’ll have about 4-5 minutes to transfer from the bus to the subway and your same validated ticket covers the fare so you’ll have plenty of time.  If you are going to Old Town Square (Staré Město) you’ll take the Green Line Subway (also called A) to the Staroměstská stop which only takes 9 minutes.  This will put you only a short walk to the Northwest of Old Town Square.  If you are instead going to Wenceslas Square then simply ride the Green Line one more stop to Můstek and you’ll come out right in the middle of the square.

If you happen to be staying in a part of town close to the Yellow Subway Line (also called B) instead of Old Town then Google maps will direct you to take Bus #100 from the airport.  This bus comes every 15 minutes during the day and an 11-minute ride gets you to the Zličín Stop where you transfer to the Yellow Subway.

Runs: 5am-12:30am  (every 6 minutes)
Cost: 1.50€
Time: 38 Minutes
Route Overview: Airport > Bus 119 > Nádraží Veleslavín Stop (16 Minutes) > Green Line – A Subway > Staroměstská Stop (9 Minutes) > 4-minute walk to Old Town Square.  Ride the Green one more stop to Můstek for Wenceslas Square.

2. Getting From The Airport At Night (55 Minutes):

About the night bus from the airport: Getting from the Prague airport into Prague at night is a little bit different as the subway stops running by 12:30am and the trams also change to their own night routes.  The process is still pretty easy like the daytime bus option as you buy a ticket for the bus and hop on right outside of the airport.  Instead of the normal Bus 119 that comes every 6-8 minutes during the day, you will be taking Bus 510 which comes every 30 minutes.  An 11-minute ride on the Bus 910 brings you to the Divoká Šárka Stop where you get out to hop on the Night Tram #91.

We suggest putting your destination on Google Maps before leaving the airport depending on where you are going as we are referencing Old Town Square.  You should have about 10 minutes to switch to the night tram after getting off the bus and the remaining journey is 25 minutes to the Dlouhá třída Stop a short walk North of Old Town Square.

Runs: 12:30am-4am (every 30 minutes)
Cost: 1.50€
Time: 55 Minutes
Route Overview: Airport > Bus 91 > Divoká Šárka Stop (11 Mintues) > Night Tram #91 > Dlouhá třída Stop (25 Minutes) > 10 minute walk to Old Town Square.

3. Train Station Express Bus (33 Minutes):

About the train station express bus: If for some reason you need to go directly from the Prague airport to the main train station (Hlavní nádraží) there is a handy express bus that runs during the day known as the AE.  This bus can be very helpful if you happen to be staying right by the train station, even though we recommend staying right in the heart of Old Town.  It can also be helpful if you are going right to the airport from another town for some reason and are bypassing Prague.

Runs: 5am-10pm (every 30 minutes)
Cost: 2.50€
Time: 33 Minutes
Route Overview: Airport > Direct to the main train station (Hlavní nádraží)

4. Using A Taxi Or Uber (35 Minutes):

About taking a taxi from the airport: Getting from the Prague airport into Prague by taxi is extremely straightforward but not usually the best option.  Yes, you can bypass having to see any other humans outside of your driver, but is only a little bit faster and a lot more expensive.  Expect the 35-minute journey to be 25€ compared to only 1€ a person for the bus.  You will also have to confirm the price with the driver before getting in to make sure they are going to try to rip you off.  This is a best practice to do in any city you visit in Europe especially as rides to or from the airport are often a set price instead of metered.  Other downsides compared to the bus will be a lack of storage space for your luggage if you have a couple people with you as well as the chance to hit traffic which is usually light in Prague.

An Uber or rideshare will only save you a little bit of money compared to a taxi when going to Prague from the airport and is also not a better option than the bus.

5. Using An Airport Shuttle (48 Minutes):

About Prague’s airport shuttles: Like the taxi option there are also group shuttles to take you into town.  This option is only 7€ but can be crowded and is slower than the bus/subway combo by about 10 minutes.  It can be even longer of a ride depending on where in Prague you are going to so we overall just don’t suggest it.  The shuttle may sound tempting especially if you are used to airport shuttle in places like Mexico where you hotel has its own free and direct shuttle, but this is Prague, they don’t have that.