Top Tourist Tips For Prague
Top Tourist Tips For Prague

Best Tourist Tips For Prague:

To help take the stress out of your trip to Prague, here are our top tourist travel tips. Through first hand visits to Prague we have learned a a few things that you just need to know a head of time. You can thank us later for our top ten tourist tips for visiting Prague.


1. What’s The Best Way To Get To Prague: Getting to Prague can be super annoying if you don’t plan ahead of time.  You can get to Prague from Vienna & Berlin by train really easy in just 5 hours, but Munich is where is gets weird.  From the West there just isn’t a train that you can take and you have to take the bus.  The bus from Munich only takes about 5 hours and is super cheap at only 34 if you book early, but it is still a bus.  You can walk around or use the bathroom like a train.  Train & Bus Website: (HERE).

Alternatively we like to fly on either of Europes budget airlines Ryan Air and Easy Jet for extremely cheap if you book ahead.  Between them there are routes in from the UK, Ireland, Paris, Milan, & Rome.  Tickets are as cheap as $30 American and are very quick, but cheap seats sell out quickly.

2. Planning & Dividing Your Time:
There is soooo much to do in Prague that it can be hard to prioritize what is the best use of your time. To help you out we have laid out the best itineraries based on how many days you’ll be in town.  Most sites and neighborhoods are very close to each and compact, making it easy to do a lot per day.   Whether you are only in town for 1-2 days or more than a week we’ve come up with the best plan of action to get your started. Check out our Suggested Itineraries For Prague.


3. Czech Language Tips:

Hello is Ahoj (AH-hoy)

Good Morning is Dobrý ráno (Doe-bree RAHH-noh)

Good Day is Dobrý den (Doe-bree den)

Good Afternoon is Dobrý Odpolendne

Good Evening is Dobrý Noc (Doe-bree noht)

Goodbye is Ahoj (AH-hoy)

Formal Goodbye is Na Shledanou (NAH SLED-dah-noh)

Thank You is Děkuji (Dya-koo-yee)

You’re Welcome is Rádo se stalo (Raado seh stu-lo)
Please is Prosím (PRO-seem)

Do you speak English? is Mluvíte Anglicky? (Mlooveeteh unglitskee?)

Cheers for drinking is Na Zdraví (Naz-drah-vee )

How Are You? is Jak se máš?  (yahk seh MAA-sh?)

I’m Doing Well, And You? is Dobře, se máš (Doe-bree, seh MAA-sh?)

4. How to Read An Astronomical Clock:
What would you ever have to know how to read a Medieval Clock?  Because it makes a visit to Prague’s Old Town Square that much more enjoyable.  One of the 3 main attractions in town is the large astronomical clock on the side of Old Town Hall.  Tourists gather around the clock all day taking photos and waiting for the hourly mechanical show, but most have no idea how to read it.  Better knowing what you are looking at will make it way cooler. Check out our guide on How To Read An Astronomical Clock.

Top 10 Things To Do In Prague:

1.Stroll St Charles Bridge
2. Visit Old Town Square
3. Observe the Historic Astronomical Clock
4. Experience a Medieval Tavern
5.Explore Mighty Prague Castle
6. Investigate the Synagogues & Cemetery of the Jewish Quarter
7. Scale the Petrin Tower
8. Watch Little Town’s Pissing Fountain
9. Check Out the Clementinum National Library
10. See the Dancing House

Bonus: Wenceslas