Other Top Sights Around Salzburg
Other Top Sights Around Salzburg

Other Sights Around Salzburg:

Stepping outside of Old Town Salzburg and the main sights from the Sound of Music, there are still a ton of other great attractions around town.  All of these sights are very accessible, hope you enjoy!

Prioritizing Your Time:

Most of the attractions on this list are awesome, but it is important to prioritize your time in Salzburg.  Make sure to visit the main sights like High Fortress, the Old Town Walking Tour, and the Sound of Music movie sights before tackling this list.  As long as you have 3-4 days you can see everything plus fit in a day trip or two.  Please consult our Suggested Itineraries For Salzburg for more tips.

Transportation Tips:

For the most part, all of the other suggested sights around Salzburg we have listed are very accessible by city bus.  The city bus is our favorite way to get around Salzburg and we have the routes listed on the map.  Bike rental and cab fares are also cheap in Salzburg and can be set up with your hotel.

Other Top Salzburg Attractions:

Hellbrunn Palace Trick Fountains Salzburg

1. Hellbrunn Palace:  You should really check out the Trick Fountains at Hellbrunn Palace while in Salzburg.  The fountains are only available as part of a guided tour but is a very memorable time.  The tours last about an hour and take you through grottoes, ponds, and walkways all filled with trick fountains that are out to get you.  If you have kids with you, the Hellbrunn Fountains will be the most fun thing they do in Salzburg.  Your ticket for the Trick Fountain tour also covers a tour of the inside of the Palace itself which is pretty fancy and has some amazing ceilings.  Also of note is that the Palace is now home to the Sound of Music Gazebo where Liesl sang ‘I am 16 going on 17’ in the movie.  Even though you can’t go inside the Gazebo you can take photos right up close to it and even see it without paying the Palace admission.

Getting To Hellbrunn Palace: Is on Bus 25’s route at the Fürstenweg Bus Stop about 15 minutes South of Salzburg or alternatively a 40-minute walk with limited sidewalks.  Gazebo Hours: Daily Dawn-Dusk.  Palace Hours: April, October, & November 9am-4:30pm; May, June, September 9am-5:30pm; July & August 9am-6pm.  Trick Fountain Hours: The Trick Fountains have tours from 9am-9pm in the peak season but are closed for Winter from November-March.   Cost: You can see the Gazebo for Free near the entrance.  Tours of the grounds included both the Palace interior and Trick Fountains of 10.50 for Adults, 5€ for kids.  Rating as a Side Trip From Salzburg: 8 out of 10 (Great stop on the way to or from Berchtesgaden.  Would be higher on our list but we’re assuming you will visit here as part of our Sound of Music Tour).

anif water palace salazburg

2. Salzburg Zoo:
Tucked around the steep cliffs of Hellbrunn Mountain, the Salzburg Zoo is one of the city’s most surprising attractions.  It is bigger than we expected and is home to over 800 animals.  Some of the highlights include rhinos, lions, and some great monkey exhibits.  The zoo is best seen if you are already going to Hellbrunn Palace and both are excellent stops for families with kids.

3. Anif Water Palace
The fairytale Anif Water Palace is private castle-like home which springs out of the middle of a lake was in the opening scenes of Sound Of Music.  Originally built in the early 1500s, the Anif Palace was used as a house for the Bishops of Chiemsee who were kicked out when the area became part of Austria in 1806.  It was rebuilt in the current style in the 1830s but gained its most famous when King Ludwig III of Bavaria signed the Deceleration of Anif here in 1918.  The declaration was spawned by the German Revolution at the end of WW1 and officially gave up the throne ending 450 years of Wittelsbach rule. Today the Palace is a private home with no public access, but you can still admire it from the water’s edge and take photos.

Getting Here: Take Bus 25, 840, or 28 to the ATS Anif b.Salzburg Schlosswirt Bus Stop in Anif’s city center and walk a short distance to the southeast.  Rating as a Day Trip From Salzburg: 7 out of 10 (Great stop on the way to or from Berchtesgaden.  Would be higher on our list but we’re assuming you will visit here as part of our Sound of Music Tour).

Salzburg Casino

4. Salzburg Casino (Klessheim Palace):
Want a little Monte Carlo Experience in Austria? Ever gambled inside a historic palace from 1700?  The Salzburg Casino inside Klessheim Palace is your chance to do both. This three-story casino is 18-plus and outside of its outstanding architecture, it even has a wonderful garden.  Nothing will make you feel more like a high roller then dressing up and playing a card game or two at Salzburg Casino.  Yes, they do also have a number of American-style slot machines. In total, the casino currently features 5 American roulette tables, 5 Black Jack tables, an Easy Hold’em poker table, 6 poker tables, a tropical stud poker table, 10 easy roulette and 106 slot machines.

Stiegls Brewery Salzburg

Casino Hours: Daily Noon-3am, live gambling from 3pm-3am.  Getting Here: Take Bus #1 which runs right from the Salzburg Train & Bus Station, through Old Town, right to Red Bull Arena next to the Casino.  The bus will first stop on the South side of the Arean at Kleßheim Kavalierhaus which is a 25-minute ride from the Train Station, will layover for 12 minutes then continue to Kleßheim Europastraße on the North side of the Arena after only another 2 minutes.  A 12 minute wait for the extra 2 minute ride doesn’t make sense so just get out at Kleßheim Kavalierhaus and walk.  360 Degree Tour: (Virtual Tour).

5. Europark Shopping Center:
A handy shopping center near the Red Bull Area and Salzburg Casino with cool birds nest architecture  For the most part it has the same stores you would find in any American mall, but is handy if you need to pick up a shirt of pants mid vacation.

6. Stiegl’s Brewery: First opened in 1492, the Stiegl Brewery is the largest brewery in Austria that is still privately owned.  You can tour the brewery Daily and taste sample, but they say the 11am tour Monday-Thursday is the best. Just outside the brewery stairs lead down to the ruins of their old malt house where Stiegl has a special beer exhibition Museum.  The Museum is only open in August and July, but the Brewery Tours are year round.  General Hours: 10am-Midnight but the restaurant and beer garden are open 11am-10pm.  Brewery Tours: Daily at 11am, 2pm & 4pm.  Beer Museum: 10am-7pm in July; 10am-5pm in August; last admission 1 hour before close.

Red Bull Hangar 7

7. Red Bull’s Hangar 7:
By 1999, the growing fleet of aircraft used in shows and stunts by Red Bull had outgrown its hangar in Innsbruck and Hangar 7 was born in Salzburg.  With futuristic architecture, the space became the perfect place to house their planes right at the Salzburg Airport.  With their mechanics, pilots and planes under one roof they official founded the Flying Bulls.  Red Bull, who’s headquarters are just outside of Salzburg, quickly decided to add a museum and high end restaurant to Hangar 7 which opened to the public in 2003.  The beautiful building  not only serves as an open gallery of magnificent planes, but the glass structure is also built with an unbelievable 1734 windows.  The core of the plane collect is a massive DC-6B which has 30 foot tall rudders.   Hours: Daily 9am-10pm; merchandise shop closes at 6pm but the museum, bar and restaurant stay open.

8. Franziskischloessl:
  Was built as a watch tower on Salzburg’s City Wall in 1629 during the 30 Years War.  The Tower quickly grew into a small fortress protecting the town from atop Kapuzinerberg Mountain with 2 gun turrets.  By the 1800s the fortress served as a hunting lodge but has almost always had at least one solider living here.  Today the grounds offer not only stunning views, but also a great beer garden and restaurant.  Even if you go outside of the beer garden hours it is a great chance to get up close with long sections of Salzburg’s Medieval wall.  Hours: Wednesday-Sunday 11am-5pm; kitchen closes at 4pm.

Franziskischoessl Fortress Salzburg

9. Gaisberg Monutain:
The Gaisberg Mountain is where locals from Salzburg go when they want to get away for a day.  Their are many activities from hiking to cross country skiing.  The Gersberg Alm Hotel on the top has great hiking trails that are easy to get to.   There is also the Kohlmayr’s Gaisbergspitz at the summit which is a cool restaurant.   Hours: Daily 10am-10pm.  Getting Here: You can taxi or take the handy Gaisberg Bus right from Mirabell Square.

Nockstein Mountain Salzburg

10. Nockstein:
The Nockstein Peak on the North end of Gaisberg Mountain is one of the most visited in the region.  The highlight of Nockstein’s peak are the unique rock formations at the very top capped with a giant cross.  Although the top summit is rocky and accessible only on steep, narrow paths that are partially provided with ladders and ropes 1000s of monthly visitors still come for the amazing views.  Getting Here: Requires a hike from the base trail which are best accessed by car or taxi.

11. Neuhaus Castle:
This old workshop turned museum, built in 1219, and greatly expanded in 1424.  Is now a private residence with an art gallery, but still has its original Medieval keep.

12. Christian Doppler’s House:
Christian Doppler was one of the best scientists to come out of Austria and in 1842 discovered the Doppler Effect which made way for the modern weather radar system.  While he spent a lot of his later years in Prague and Vienna, Salzburg was where Doppler was born and truly called home.