Best Hotels In Salzburg - Places To Stay
Best Hotels In Salzburg - Places To Stay

Best Places To Stay In Salzburg::

The keys to finding the perfect hotel in Salzburg are to book early to get a good rate and make sure you are within walking distance of the compact city center.  Below are some of our favorite hotels, not based on being the fanciest, but on being the best value.

Our Favorite Hotels In Salzburg:

Obviously big chain hotels like the Marriott and the Hilton would give the best quality, but during major events they can be over $1000 per night which has led us to explore more of the Mom & Pop style hotels. Many of these Mom & Pop hotels can’t be found on the major hotel booking websites but they can offer a great experience. We’ve found that even when they are on the booking websites you can usually get a better room and rate by contacting the hotel directly when you book.

1. Schwarzes Rössl: This clean, budget-friendly hotel is near Mirabell palace and only a short walk to central Old Town.  The building is student housing for the local college, but from July-September it opens as a hotel.  The rooms are clean and the price it great.

2. Jufa:
 Great budget friendly hotel on the Southeast corner of the main tourist area with clean and remodeled rooms.  The common areas are inviting and they have programs to rent bikes.  Rooms start around 100€ a night.

3. Hotel Schloss Leopoldskron:
 Reflecting over a small lake, Palace Leopold served as the main film location of the Von Trapp family home in the movie the Sound of Music.  The Baroque Palace was built in 1736 by Salzburg’s Archbishop Leopold and offered the perfect backdrop to represent the Von Trapp’s stately manor.  The rooms and interiors spaces here are just as amazing as the exterior.  Staying here is the only surefire way to see the terrace area where the Sound of Music was filmed up close.  Rooms start at 150€, but keep in mind that the rooms in the popular main palace building fill up fast.

4. Schloss Monchstein:
 Old castle overlooking town from Mönchstein Hill which was first documented in 1350.  For the most part, is serviced as a home and fort until Saint Peter’s Monastery acquired the property in 1654 as a retreat for its professors. During this period the castle was then called the Professors Castle.  What is now the tower room was then used as an astronomical observatory.  The castle was turned into a luxury hotel in 1948 and has gone on to win countless Castle Hotel and Restaurant awards.  The outside areas are awesome and you’ll get great views of both the river and Old Town below from the hill.  The rooms are solid and overall it is a high class property with rooms from 400-1950€ per night!

5. Yoho:
near Train Stain 10 min walk from main tourist area,

6. Altstadthotel Wolf-Dietrich:
Just north of River, about 100 euro but very nice,, [email protected]

7. Gasthaus Hinterbruhl:
eastside of the main tourist, 66 euro per, w/breakfast,,

9. Hotel Ganslhof:
1/2 mile north of river & main tourist area behind Kapuzinerberg, , [email protected]

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