Best Hotels In Salzburg - Places To Stay
Best Hotels In Salzburg - Places To Stay

Best Places To Stay In Salzburg:

The keys to finding the perfect hotel in Salzburg are to book early to get a good rate and make sure you are within walking distance of the compact city center.  Expect that over major holidays and festivals the prices will double or triple in price and still sell out 3-6 months in advance.  Below are some of our favorite hotels, not based on being the fanciest, but on being the best overall value.

Best Area Of Salzburg To Stay In:

Because the main industry of this compact town is tourism, there really aren’t any rough areas of town to avoid as Salzburg is a very safe place to stay.  We always target the city center or at least within walking distance of it, on the North side of the river.  The mix of accommodations near the heart of Old Town include hostels for budget travelers, apartments for large groups, and historic properties for people looking to splurge.  You can save a little bit of money by staying near the Salzburg train station, but as long as you book in advance you can get an affordable budget hotel or even a luxury boutique right in the city center at a good rate.  Visitors who love The Sound of Music can even consider staying just outside of town at one of the mansions used in the movie or even at the real-time Von Trapp Villa, although a car or bike rental may be needed.

Our Favorite Hotels In Salzburg:

1. Schloss Monchstein:

Top Hotels In Salzburg Best Places To Stay - castle monchstein
Top Hotels In Salzburg Best Places To Stay - castle monchstein

About Schloss Monchstein: Old castle overlooking town from Mönchstein Hill which was first documented in 1350.  For the most part, is serviced as a home and fort until Saint Peter’s Monastery acquired the property in 1654 as a retreat for its professors. During this period the castle was then called the Professors Castle.  What is now the tower room was then used as an astronomical observatory.  The castle was turned into a luxury hotel in 1948 and has gone on to win countless Castle Hotel and Restaurant awards.  The outside areas are awesome and you’ll get great views of both the river and Old Town below from the hill.  The rooms are solid and overall it is a high-class property with rooms from

Cost Per Night: 400-1950€.  Website: Here.

2. Hotel Schloss Leopoldskron:

Top Hotels In Salzburg Best Places To Stay - Hotel Schloss Leopoldskron Sound Of Music Hotel
Top Hotels In Salzburg Best Places To Stay - Hotel Schloss Leopoldskron Sound Of Music Hotel

About Hotel Schloss Leopoldskron: Reflecting over a small lake, Palace Leopold served as the main film location lakeside scenes of the Von Trapp family home in the movie the Sound of Music.  The Baroque Palace was built in 1736 by Salzburg’s Archbishop Leopold and offered the perfect backdrop to represent the Von Trapp’s stately manor.  The rooms and interiors spaces here are just as amazing as the exterior.  Staying at the Palace is the only surefire way to see the terrace area where the Sound of Music was filmed up close.  Tour groups and other visitors only see the grounds from a distance across the lake, while hotel guests get to relax in the waterfront gardens.  Keep in mind that the rooms in the popular main palace building fill up fast.

Cost Per Night: Starting at 150-200€ a night in the Meierhof guesthouse or 400-600€ a night for a suite in the main building.  Website: Here.

3. Radisson Blu Hotel Altstadt:

Top Hotels In Salzburg Best Places To Stay - Hotel Altstadt Radisson Blu restaurant
Top Hotels In Salzburg Best Places To Stay - Hotel Altstadt Radisson Blu restaurant

About Hotel Altstadt: While the Radisson Blu is one of the only Worldwide brands to operate in Salzburg, it thankfully feels locally run and not commercial as you would expect.  It’s basically the best of both worlds with the high hospital standards that Radisson Blu is known for mixing with the authentic Salzburg vibe.  The Hotel Altstadt even still uses clunky metal room keys as a throwback to its old-world luxury.

The waterfront building offers gorgeous views of the river and is very interesting going back to 1372.  Even older, some parts of the city fortifications from 1172 can be seen in the basement cellars of the current hotel.  From 1477 to 1922 the property operated as the brewery Bräuhaus in der Gugl and has maintained many of its Medival elements.  One of the biggest expansions of the brewery was in 1899 when it built over the neighboring Baroque Old Town Hall which was no longer in use.  By 1922 the economic conditions due to WW1 closed the brewery which then began serving as a guest house.

After extensive renovations, the current hotel opened in 1992 under the Radisson branding while keeping many of its old traditions.  Preserved Medieval details from former brewery include exposed wooden beams, intricate stucco, antique artwork, and some rooms with vaulted ceilings which make it a truly memorable setting as one of the best places to stay in Salzburg.  There are a number of themed restaurants and bars located in the building but the coolest room is the spendy Kaiser Suite which crossed by a gnarly collection of exposed wood beams.  Because of its perfect location in Old Town and affordable rates for a nice hotel, you need to book far in advance before it fills up.  One of the best things is the Mozart Concerts that happen 3 days a week at the hotel inside their ballroom from 1377.  If you can’t make the shows at Saint Peter’s then this is a good backup option.

Cost Per Night: 160-350€ per room.  Website: Here.

4. Villa Von Trapp:

Top Hotels In Salzburg Best Places To Stay - Villa Von Trapp Real House
Top Hotels In Salzburg Best Places To Stay - Villa Von Trapp Real House

About The Von Trapp Villa: This stately 22-room home of the edge of Salzburg was the home of the real-life Von Trapp Family from the movie the Sound of Music from 1923 to 1938.  Built in 1863, the Von Trapp Mansion is a wonderful place for anyone who is a fan of the movie to stay as it is packed full of history, even is some of it was romanticised in the film.

The widowed George Von Trapp was able to acquire this mansion for himself and his 7 children after being granted baron status for his valor as a Captain in the Imperial Navy during WW1.  Captain, as he is called in the movie, met Maria Kutschera in 1926 when she came to tutor his ill daughter and they were married the following year.  When they married he was 47, she was only 22, and it was actually 11 years before the Nazis arrived in Salzburg.

The real-life couple had two more children together at the Von Trapp Villa before escaping the newly arrived Nazis in June 1938 while pregnant with a third.  Outspoken against the Nazi’s, Captain really did refuse to fly their flag at his house and also declined singing for Hitler’s birthday party.  Thanks to a convenient train stop in front of their home, they left for Italy by train (eventually America) just one day before the Austrian borders were closed.  This is a little different than the couple meeting, getting married and hiking over the mountains to safety in Switzerland, but is still a wonderful story.

From 1938 until 1945, the family’s estate was the seized as the private home for SS Chief Heinrich Himmler before being returned to the Von Trapps who sold it to a local Catholic mission.  After being renovated, this wonderful property was turned into a guesthouse in 2008 and is a joy to stay in.  If the property didn’t require a bike ride (10 minutes), a taxi (5 minutes), or a long walk (30 minutes) to get to Old Town it would be even higher on our list and the history of the home is lovely.

Cost Per Night: 100-150€.  Website: Here.

5. Black Horse Inn (Schwarzes Rössl):

Top Hotels In Salzburg Best Places To Stay - Hotel Schwarzes Rossl black horse hotel salzburg
Top Hotels In Salzburg Best Places To Stay - Hotel Schwarzes Rossl black horse hotel salzburg

About Schwarzes Rössl: This clean, budget-friendly hotel is near Mirabell palace and only a short walk to central Old Town.  The building is normally used as student housing for the local college, but in the Summer from July-September it opens as a hotel.  While the hotel is a no thrills stay the private rooms are clean, the location is good, and the price is amazing for peak Summer season.  As long as you are okay with the basic accommodations, the Schwarzes Rössl offers the best value in Salzburg.

Seasonal Operation: Only July 1st-September 30th; closed the right of the year.  Cost Per Night: For a Single Room with a shared bathroom its 50€ (65€ with private bathroom); Double Room with a shared bathroom its 75€ (95€ with private bathroom); Triple Room with private bathroom 115€.  Website: Here.

6. Arte Vida Boutique Guesthouse:

Top Hotels In Salzburg Best Places To Stay - arte vida guesthouse apartments
Top Hotels In Salzburg Best Places To Stay - arte vida guesthouse apartments

About Arte Vida: Located just north of the river, Arte Vida is an excellent value in Salzburg.  We love the friendly owners who have been a big help in the past helping to understand some of the histories of Salzburg.  We stayed at the loft apartment in a group of 5 people recently and found it to be the best value for group accommodations near the heart of town.  The only downside with the loft apartment is that it requires a lot of steps with no elevator but that is pretty common in Europe.  Luckily the hotel also has a more traditional hotel on the second floor if steps are an issue for you.  The main hotel feels like a Moroccan-inspired tented caravan and has a very cool vibe.

Cost Per Night: 65-100€ for the hotel rooms or 175-200€ for the large loft apartment.  Website: Here.

7. Hotel am Dom:

Top Hotels In Salzburg Best Places To Stay - Hotel am Dom
Top Hotels In Salzburg Best Places To Stay - Hotel am Dom

About Hotel Am Dom: Availability is the only reason the wonderful Hotel am Dom isn’t higher on our list and it has been fully booked almost everytime we have tried to stay here.  If you are lucky enough to book ahead the location and overall value are almost impossible to pass up.  The small hotel has modern rooms and you literally walk right out the door and you are next to the main square so it doesn’t get much better, especially during Saint Ruperts Festival or the Christmas Markets.

Cost Per Night: 150-200€.  Website: Here.

8. Jufa Hostel:

About Jufa Hostel: Great budget friendly hotel on the Southeast corner of the main tourist area with clean and remodeled rooms.  The common areas are inviting and they have programs to rent bikes.

Cost Per Night: Private Room starting at 100€.  Alternative Hostel Options: There are a couple other great Hostel options in Salzburg including the YoYo Hostel near the train station, plus the Stadtalm Hostel and Johannes-Schlößl Hostel both of which are on the Westside of Mönchsberg Cliff.  Website: Here.

9. Hotel Sacher Salzburg:

Top Hotels In Salzburg Best Places To Stay - Hotel Sacher Cafe Torte Chocolate Cake
Top Hotels In Salzburg Best Places To Stay - Hotel Sacher Room

About Hotel Sacher: The wonderful Hotel Sacher is probably the most elegant hotel in Salzburg, but the building isn’t as old as you’d think.  This area was actually part of the Salzach River until the flow was redirected in 1862 creating a brand new block of riverfront property.  The Sacher family became famous in 1832 when Austrian chef Franz Sacher invented his world-famous Original Sacher-Torte for a Royal party at only 16 years old.  Becoming the family of rich cake, his son opened the Sacher Hotel and Café in Vienna in 1876 which later expanded to Salzburg in 1988.  The Sacher brand, the excellent cafe, famous torte, and hotel have fit right in and it has become one of the best hotels to stay at in Salzburg.  Even if you don’t stay at Sacher, at least stop by the cafe and grab some cake and a coffee.

Cost Per Night: 300-500€.  Website: Here.

10. Hotel Stein:

Top Hotels In Salzburg Best Places To Stay - Hotel Stein
Top Hotels In Salzburg Best Places To Stay - Hotel Stein Seven Senses Restaurant Terrace Rooftop Patio Overlooking Salzburg

About Hotel Stein: After a multi-year renovation, the historic Hotel Stein reopened in 2018.  The hotel has a prime location along the Salzach River.  The Medival building was constructed in two parts with the Western side in 1399 as an inn and pub called Zum Goldenen Aries along with the Eastern side in 1476 as the Burgerbäuhaus brewery (later Unterbräu).  At the time it was built, the Bräuhaus sat right at the intersection of the Steingasse Alley and the old Roman bridge that cut into the heart of Old Town.  Constructed in 12AD, the Roman Bridge was the only one to span the river until the Statebridge (still today’s main bridge) replaced it on the other side of the Bräuhaus in 1599.  This thoroughfare ensured that the Bräuhaus remained at one of Salzburg’s busiest intersections throughout Medieval Times.

In 1728, Franz Dietrich Popp from Bavaria took over and with his son became the wealthiest brewers in Salzburg.  Within 12 years they united the inn and brewery into the 4-story tall Bräu am Stein and even took over most of the large building across the square.  The family and had the famous Viennese stucco artist Alberto Camesina add elaborate Baroque stucco ceilings during the renovations which survive today.  As the brewery became the biggest in Salzburg the family also bought the Schloss Mönchstein, but when they died out in 1850 both properties were sold.  After the brewery was closed in 1887 the property has run as a hotel only with the two upper floors, the rooftop terrace, and name Hotel Stein all coming when it was bought in 1924.

Today the Hotel Stein carries on the traditions of the Bräuhaus with excellent food and accommodations.  In our opinion, the best feature of the hotel is the large bar and terrace call Seven Senses on the 7th floor overlooking Salzburg.  You’ll have an excellent panoramic view of Old Town that is second to none.  The terrace is open for breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks, and stays open late.  It is very popular so you really need to book far in advance and expect that the hotel prices in peak season will be at a premium.  The same local company that runs this hotel and restaurant also runs Hotel Goldgasse in the center of Old Town which has one of our favorite restaurants so they really know what they are doing.

Cost Per Night: 300-700€ per room.  Website: Here.

11. Motel One Salzburg:

About Motel One: Motel One is a budget-friendly boutique hotel with locations all across the region and two in Salzburg.  We love their locations Munich and Vienna as well as their Mirabell location in Salzburg.  It is along the river just North of town with a 10 minute to the train station, 10 minutes to Mirabell Palace Gardens or 14 minutes to the heart of Old Town.  Any of these places are only 3-4 minutes by bike which they have available at the hotel.  The bike path along the river to Old Town is very relaxing.

Cost Per Night: 69-100€.  Website: Here.

12. Hotel Wolf:

About Hotel Wolf: Sitting directly behind the New Residenz, perfectly located Altstadt Hotel Wolf is one of the best values in Old Town Salzburg.

Cost Per Night: 100€ for a single room; 150€ for a double room; 200-250€ for a suite.  Website: Here.

Honorable Mention Hotels In Salzburg:

13. Townhouse Weisses Kreuz:

Top Hotels In Salzburg Best Places To Stay - Townhouse Weisses Kreuz Apartments
Top Hotels In Salzburg Best Places To Stay - Townhouse Weisses Kreuz Apartments

About The Townhouse Weisses Kreuz: Hugging the cliffside before the High Salzburg Fortress, no accommodations in town are posher than the Townhouse Weisses Kreuz.  Spread across five floors of the are spaces that have to be seen to be believed.  With elegant details, exposed timber beams, and walls from the 1500s, this hotel truly is where rustic meets contemporary luxury.  The in-house SPA area has a steam room and massage room with a Medieval garden nearby.  While the apartments can be pricey you are literally in the heart of Old Town Salzburg and will feel like you are Prince Arch-Bishop in the Middle Ages.

Cost Per Night: Starting at 300€ per room; 900-1200€ for an entire floor.  Website: Here.

14. Hotel Goldgasse:

Top Hotels In Salzburg Best Places To Stay - Hotel Goldgasse
Top Hotels In Salzburg Best Places To Stay - Hotel Goldgasse

About Hotel Goldgasse: Sitting right in the center of Old Town Salzburg is the curved and narrow Goldgasse Lane, which from the 1300s was home to the city’s goldsmith shops.  Today the alley is still very prestigious with upscale shops and the delightful Goldgasse Hotel.  While it can get pricey, the hotel has funky rooms with large murals on the walls and an excellent Gasthof Restaurant themed like an Alpine Lodge.  The hotel is the sister hotel to the popular Hotel Stein which is also on our best hotels in Salzburg list.  Like its sister hotel, the Goldgasse also offers some rooftop views for its guests.  While we have only been at the hotel once, it is always rated very high and we often visit the restaurant on the main level.

Cost Per Night: 200-350€.  Website: Here.

15. APT Apartments:

Top Hotels In Salzburg Best Places To Stay - APT Apartments Stone Lane Steingasse
Top Hotels In Salzburg Best Places To Stay - APT Apartments Stone Lane Steingasse

About The APT Apartments: Known as the Stone Lodge, his excellent apartment house was built in 1540 on Salzburg’s famous Stone Alley (Steingrasse).  This historic listed building consists of 5 fully renovated and lovingly designed apartments and a rooftop terrace open to all, offering a wonderful view of the fortress and the old town of Salzburg.

Cost Per Night: Starting at 150€.  Website: Here.

16. Morzgerhof Apartment:

About The Morzgerhof Apartments: Built-in 1405 and sharing a street name with the same name, the Morzgerhof Apartment is a real gem for guests wanting a lot of space outside of the city center.  The accommodations are very nice with exposed beams and high vaulted ceilings.  While this property is best for visitors who have there own car, you get the whole house and it sleeps up to 10 people comfortably.

Cost Per Night: Starting at 500€ for up to 10 people.  Website: Here.

17. YoHo Hostel:

About YoHo Hostel: near Train Stain 10 min walk from the main tourist area

18. Altstadthotel Wolf-Dietrich: Just north of River, about 100 euro but very nice,,

19. Gasthaus Hinterbruhl:
eastside of the main tourist, 66 euro per, w/breakfast,,

20. Hotel Ganslhof:
1/2 mile north of river & main tourist area behind Kapuzinerberg, ,

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