Munich Germany Travel Guide
Munich Germany Travel Guide

Munich (München), Germany:


Founded In: Settled by Monks in the 700’s; founded in 1158; capital of Bavaria since 1255 (unified in 1506).
Language: German (Deutsch), plus a little English.
Suggested Length of Stay: 3 to 4 Full Days.


Once the capital of Bavaria and heavily bombed in WWII, Munich today is the essence of a Germany easily worth a 2 to 3 day visit.  The pedestrian-only heart of the city has been re-built since the WWII bombings and maintains all of it’s old world spender.

In the city center, the Old & New Town Halls are the obvious highlight, but your will also find 2 palaces, and three different churches with interiors to match almost any in Germany.  Munich is friendly, fun, and as the home of Oktoberfest since the early 1800’s it is one of the drinking capitals of the world.  Beer halls, festivals, steins, pretzels, bar maids, and oompah music will all leave you with an experience you’ll remember forever.  Enjoy our Munich travel guide!

Munich Germany Travel Guide

Top 10 Things To Do In Munich:

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Getting To & Around Munich:

With how compact Munich’s main pedestrian only tourist area is you won’t need to use the metro very much during your visit.  The Metro is great with a numerous modern lines crisscrossing the city and even a tram line that connects the cities main park, the English Garden.  For the most part you’ll probably only need to Metro if connecting to either of the train stations or the airport for connecting to other cities.  Here is our helpful for the things you need to know for Getting Around Munich.