Top Ten Hotels In Munich Best Places To Stay
Top Ten Hotels In Munich Best Places To Stay

Best Hotels In Munich:

Choosing the best hotel to stay in while visiting Munich can be a bit of a challenge as you have many factors to think about.  It’s not just about which hotel is the fanciest or which has the best beds.  You have to consider strongly consider the balance of where it is located along with the value you are getting for your money.

To help you select the best place to stay in Munich we have compiled a list of our favorite hotels along with a few helpful tips you need to know.  We have stayed in some of the fanciest hotels in Munich along with some of the most basic hostels and even a couple of mom-and-pop hotels.  Each style of accommodation has its own vibe, its own advantages, and we have used those factors along with location and value when coming up with our list of best hotels in Munich list.

Important Hotel Tips For Munich:

1. Oktoberfest: Expect hotel prices to double or triple during Oktoberfest.  Paying $200-250 a night for a standard double room will be a good deal as they can go from $400 to $1000 a night even for crappy hotels.  You are also going to want to book really early as even 9 months before Oktoberfest most of the affordable chain hotels will be booked, even the mom and pop places fill up fast.  There are also camping options geared toward backpackers during Oktoberfest, but they are very inconvenient.

2. Location: Be careful about the location of your hotel in Munich.  You can save money staying a little bit outside of Old Town (Altstadt) or the train station but it’s nice being in the compact city center where you can walk to any attraction.  There are subway, tram, and train lines going far outside the city center but you’ll really want to stay either right around Old Town or toward the Train Station/Oktoberfest grounds.

3. Number of Beds: Like anywhere in Europe a Double room doesn’t really mean a double room like in America, it’ll often be 2 Twin beds pushed together called Matrimonial-style.  If you really need 2 beds you are going to want to get a room with 2 separate Twin beds instead of a standard Double room.  Expect that even if you stay at a larger chain hotel with two beds they will both be a Full sized bed at the biggest.

4. Room Size: We factor room size into our Munich hotel rankings as like anywhere in Europe they can often be quite small especially for 2 or more people.  Even most of the budget hotel options on our list have plenty of space to keep you comfortable.

5. Bathrooms: Many hotels in Munich will give you the option of a private or shared bathroom.  The shared bathroom option would be down the hall from your room and shared by anywhere from 2-8 rooms depending on the size of the bathroom.  We have never had any privacy, safety, or cleanliness issues with a shared bathroom.

Hotels Ranked By Best Overall Value:

1. Motel One:

Top Ten Hotels In Munich Best Places To Stay - Motel One
Top Ten Hotels In Munich Best Places To Stay - Motel One

About Motel One: With multiple city center locations, Motel One is an excellent budget friendly hotel that is actually cool.  Although the rooms are only average sized fro Europe, each of their hotels has very chic and hip design elements.  Their balance of an artsy atmosphere and great value has made Motel One very popular not just in Munich but also with locations in Salzburg and Vienna.

Of their 8 hotel in Munich, the City West (website) location is right by the train station and the Sendlinger Tor (website) location is right along the Western edge of old town.  Our favorite of these central Motel One location is City West which is around 6 long blocks from the train station entrance but is directly connected by trams #18 & #19 as well as the S-Bahn train and is within walking distance to the Oktoberfest grounds.

Hotel Rating: 3.5 Star.  Price: 60-80€ a night (190€ during Oktoberfest, but books up fast).  Hotel Website: HERE.

2. Le Méridien Hotel:

Top Ten Hotels In Munich Best Places To Stay - Le Meridien Hotel
Top Ten Hotels In Munich Best Places To Stay - Le Meridien Hotel

About Le Meridien Munich: Located directly across the street and just one block from the train station’s main entrance, Le Meridien is one of the most affordable high-end hotels in central Munich.  There is simply amazing value here with the hotel’s balance of location, cost, room size, and services.  Especially during Oktoberfest, the prime location of Le Meridien is hard to beat as you are right by the train station for doing day trips and only a short subway ride either the festival grounds or the heart of Old Town Munich.  You do have to book pretty far in advance to keep your night rate under $200 a night (or $500 during Oktoberfest) but that is pretty true of all hotels in Munich outside of the budget hostels.

Overall we love the large rooms (381 total, 29 suites), extremely helpful staff, and how clean everything is at Le Meridien.  The Emotion Spa at the hotel is one of the best in Munich which is an added bonus while traveling.  Maybe even more than the location or quality, the best may be the room size. Unlike most places in Europe, if you get a room with two beds at Le Meridien you can actually fit four adults since they are real Queen Sized mattresses.

Like other Le Meridien hotels, this location in Munich has a bathroom stocked with everything you need, they have 24-hour room service, Wifi, cribs available, business center, 24-hour security, and luggage storage.  Although they have a late check out time at Noon, the free luggage storage has helped us out many times then we have to check out but aren’t leaving Munich until the evening.  Food options are a little limited but good with the Le Potager Mediterranean restaurant in the outdoor courtyard and the Longitude 11° Lounge which has great cocktails in addition to breakfast and a bar menu.

Nearby Alternatives: The Sofitel, Aloft, and Courtyard Marriott are 3 other hotels in this same category nearby, but we just prefer this one if the price is about the same.  Hotel Website: HERECost Per Night: Starting at 140-180€ a night (450€ during Oktoberfest).

3. Euro Youth Hostel:

Top Ten Hotels In Munich Best Places To Stay - Euro Youth Hostel Bar
Top Ten Hotels In Munich Best Places To Stay - Euro Youth Hostel Room

About Euro Youth Hostel: The name hostel throws many people off, as the Euro Youth Hostel actually has both Private and Hostel-style (shared multi-bed) Rooms.  The location is excellent as it can be reached within a few blocks of either the train station and the city center. The prices are still super affordable and even in a private room, you can save money by having a shared bathroom.

While the rooms are very basic the hotel is clean and extremely popular which causes it to often book up far in advance.  Adding to how popular the hostel is, they have a very fun bar serving filling food, Augustiner beer, and mixed drinks.

Hotel Website: HERE.

4. Anna Hotel:

Top Ten Hotels In Munich Best Places To Stay Value Location - Anna Hotel
Top Ten Hotels In Munich Best Places To Stay Value Location - Anna Hotel

About Anna Hotel: Opened in 2002, the Anna Hotel was the first real designer hotel in Munich and mixes a boutique feel with a calming ambiance at an unmatched value.  It is named after Anna Geisel who, along with her husband Karl, ran the Löwenbräu beer tent at Oktoberfest for decades starting in 1900.  The business savvy couple was responsible for establishing the family roots that now run a number of Munich’s best private hotels.

We have been amazed at what you get for the cost at the Anna Hotel next to Munich’s train station.  The value here is extremely hard to beat as even the base level designer rooms are huge.  You pay a little bit of a premium for having the ideal location, but overall the cost is still a pretty reasonable Munich and well below equivalent quality options.

If you are willing to splurge on the Tower Suite inside the copula of the building, it has amazing views of the Munich skyline.  Along with the suites at the nearby Charles Hotel and the Beyond Hotel in the city center, Anna Hotel is one of the only ones in Munich to have options with a view.  There are also other Tower Rooms at Anna Hotel with views onto above Karlsplatz Square (Stachus).

The Anna Hotel is also one of the few hotels in Munich to have a very high-quality bar experience located on site.  The restaurant is also very good with a menu filled with Euro-Asian cuisine.

Hotel Website: HERECost Per Night: Designer Rooms 125-185€; Tower & Panorama Rooms 225-250€; Tower Suite 400€

5. Hotel Excelsior:

Top Ten Hotels In Munich Best Places To Stay Value Location - Hotel Excelsior
Top Ten Hotels In Munich Best Places To Stay Value Location - Hotel Excelsior

About The Excelsior Hotel: Neighboring Munich’s train station, the Excelsior Hotel is unique in that it seems designed to make you feel more at home than in a hotel which is a good thing.  The wine tasting room and restaurant are pretty great and are set in a country house atmosphere.  It is really cool to know that theAnna Geisel family that has run this hotel since 1936 was also responsible to running the Löwenbräu beer tent at the Munich Oktoberfest four generation ago in 1900.  Like the beer tent, the Excelsior Hotel is a benchmark for class and quality in Munich.

One of the best things about staying at the Excelsior Hotel is the on-site cooking classes available in their show kitchen.  There really aren’t many cooking classes available in town, so known about this option is really great especially if you love to put on the chef’s hat or if you frequent Munich and want something fresh to do.

Hotel Website: HERECost Per Night: Single Rooms are 120-150€ a night; Deluxe Double Rooms are 145-200€; Suites are 245-300€.

6. Wombats City Hostel:

About Wombats City Hostel: Really solid hostel which also has private rooms and is right by the train station.  The hostel has bag lockers, a small restaurant, and a bar on-site.   During peaks Summer months and festivals the Wombat City Hostel can book up pretty far in advance since it is so popular with backpackers.  Even if you aren’t a backpacker and want a private room, you can save a lot of money with the sacrifice of very basic accommodations that are clean and safe to stay in.

Hotel Website: HERE.

7. Sofitel Munich Bayerpost:

About Sofitel Munich: Every inch of this hotel is luxurious from the French-inspired design, amazing spa, artsy rooms, and fine details.  Simply a great hotel with a swanky vibe.  Hotel Website: HERE.

8. Hotel Cocoon:

About Hotel Cocoon: This budget-friendly yet hip hotel chain has 3 central locations in Munich.  The modern but small rooms run between 59-80 euros a night and go to 250-300 Euro during Oktoberfest.  Hotel Website: HERE.

9. Platz Hotel:

About Platz Hotel: Hotel Platz is literally the as close to the heart of Medieval Munich as you can stay.  It is wedged between Munich’s original Am Hof Royal Palace (from 1253), near the world’s best beer hall location Hofbrauhaus Am Platz (opened in 1603) and right next door to the Pfistermühle Restaurant which is inside the old Royal grain mill (built in 1573).  There was once a stream called Pfister Bach running right through Munich here (now covered) which provided the mills their source of power.  Although parts of the mill and tower were torn down for a parking lot during the 1072 Olympics, the Platz Hotel was moved here in 1988 and also converted the remaining mill section in to the vine-covered Pfistermühle Restaurant.

Hotel Website: HERE.

10. Hotel Laimer Hof:

About Hotel Laimer Hof: Sitting a little further away from Old Town Munich the Hotel Laimer Hof is a true mom-n-pop run inn housed in a mini castle near Nymphenburg Palace.  In reality, the hotel is still just north of the train station and close to get to but it feels a world away from busy Munich.   Hotel Website: HERE.

11. Hotel Muenchner Kindl:

About Hotel Muenchner Kindl: We have found this family run hotel to be the best values for Oktoberfest, located in the core of Old Town.  Renate Dittert uns the office while her husband Günter runs the bar and kitchen.  The rooms are a little small and the walls are thin, but it is clean and cheap.  1st opened in 1865.  Hotel Website: HERE.

12. Mandarin Oriental:

About Mandarin Oriental: Located in the city center near the Hofbrauhaus, this is our favorite high-end hotel in the heart of Old Town.  While it can be very pricey, what sets it apart for us is the rooftop terrace complete with a rooftop pool overlooking the city.   Hotel Website: HERE.

13. Charles Hotel:

Top Ten Hotels In Munich Best Places To Stay - Charles Hotel
Top Ten Hotels In Munich Best Places To Stay - Charles Hotel

About Charles Hotel: Overlooking the Old Botanical Garden (established 1804) on the northside of the train station, the Charles Hotel is a refined kind of modern.  The hotel, which opened by the Forte family on the site of a former university library, was established as part of the new Lenbach Gardens.  It was named in honor of Sir Rocco Forte’s father, renowned hotelier Lord Charles Forte and has become one of the best places to stay in Munich.  The Monforte Royal Suite bears the name of the Italian village where the well-known family originated.

The hotel is popular with executives and wealthy families as even the “standard” rooms feel like large sophisticated suites.  Many of the huge rooms even have balconies with views of the gardens and Munich’s skyline.  Not only does the Charles Hotel have the biggest average room size in Munich, but it also has a wonderful spa with the longest indoor pool in town.  As longs as you book ahead, you can stay at one of the best hotels in Munich without being a millionaire and it’s well worth the splurge.  An extra bonus is the Charles Hotel is right by the historic Königsplatz the Munich’s best museums in the Pinakothek group.

Hotel Quality: 5 Star.  Price: 300-500€ a night for 2 people (900-1,000€ during Oktoberfest).  1,200-3,500€ a night for the 2 bedroom suite for 4 people (4,000€ during Oktoberfest).  Hotel Website: HERE.

14. Hilton Munich Park:

About Hilton Munich Park: Sitting just north of Old Town near Munich’s English Garden Park, this Hilton is for obvious reasons one of the best in town.  Quality wise it is right up there with the best of them and has a breath-taking rooftop terrace, but since it is just outside of Old Town it is a little cheaper than the other high-end options.

We love being right next to the English Garden for relaxation, the beer gardens, and river surfing.  There isn’t a direct subway connection to Old Town and it is a long walk but there are a couple handy tram lines to get to where you need to be.  While it often pops up as a tempting option when booking your hotel for Oktoberfest it is just too far away from the grounds and the subway to make sense.  Hotel Website: HERE.

15. Hotel Königshof:

About Hotel Königshof: The Hotel Königshof is maybe the fanciest hotel in Munich.  The hotel was bought by Anna & Karl Geisel in 1938 and its rebuild in 1950 really set the stage for what a luxury hotel in an urban environment should be.  The couple was famous for running the Löwenbräu beer tent at Oktoberfest, supporting the soccer team, and had a number of hotels in Munich catering to important guests which are still family owned.

Really the only reason why this hotel is lower on our list and not in the top five overall is that it is a bit expensive to have as much value as others in town.  If you are going to splurge on a hotel stay in Munich, the Königshof would be our first choice.

Hotel Website: HERECost Per Night: starting from 250-300€ for deluxe rooms and 600€ for suites.

16. Muenchen Palace:

About Muenchen Palace: Just to the East of Old Town Munich this is a great hotel to stay in if you are here for business.   Hotel Website: HERE.

Other Hotels We Are Evaluating:

17. Seibel Hotels: 3 Locations, 60-80 Euros/Night (140-250 during Oktoberfest)

Pension is SC City Center, Hotel is right by Oktoberfest, and the Park Hotel is far away.

18. Smart Stay Hotel Schweiz: City Center, 18-59 Euros/Night/Person (70-170 during Oktoberfest).  They have a couple private rooms with either single or double rooms, plus various hostel-style rooms with 4-8 beds

19. Hotel Ambiente: right between the train station and Oktoberfest, 50-100 Euros/Night (80-200  during Oktoberfest).  They 46 double and single rooms

20. Hotel Mariahilf: 2

21. Hotel Stachus: 200-300 for Oktoberfest, has rooms with 2 beds, right next to the train station

22. Hotel Am Sendlinger Tor: 229 Euros for a double bed in Oktoberfest, by the Gate

Leonardo Hotel München City Center is $1350 with twins

Arthotel: Modern and clean right by the Train Station, can add an extra bed to a double room for 25 Euro. Lavendel bar at arthotel munich is open every day from 7 p.m. to 1 a.m.(cocktails, beer, long drinks, wine, pizza, salads, … and much more)!