Rome Italy Travel Guide City
Rome Italy Travel Guide City

Rome (Roma), Italy:

Founded In: Founded in 753 BC; Republic in 509 BC, Empire in 27 BC, Kingdom 476, Unified 1871.
Language: Italian, plus a little English.
Suggested Length of Stay: 4-5 Full Days ideal, minimum of 2.

Overview Of Rome:

Founded by Romulus in 753 BC, the astonishing city of Rome has been one of the most epic the world has ever known.  Enjoy our Rome travel guide!

Rome Italy Travel Guide City

Top 10 Things To Do In Rome:

1. Tour The Colosseum
2. Explore The Forum
3. Take An Evening Passeggiata Stroll
4. Visit The Vatican Museum
5. Trevi Fountain
6. Saint Peter’s Basilica
7. Pantheon
8. Borghese Gallery
9. Underground Catacombs
10. See The Appian Way
11. Palatine Hill & Casa di Augusto
12. See The Appian Way
13. Eat Italian Food

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Getting Around In Rome:

Compared to other large tourist cities, the metro options in Rome are quick limited to two main intersecting lines with fringe the core of the city.  One line connects the train station to the Colosseum and the other connects the train station to the Vatican via the Spanish Steps.  The routes can be very helpful, however, you can expect to walk a lot near the heart of the main attractions.  Traffic can be horrible so at peak times walking may even be a better option than taxis.  The airport is very accessible by high-speed rail in less than an hour.