Advent Christmas Market In Rothenburg Germany Reiterlesmarkt

The Salzburg Christmas Market:

When Is It: November 21st-December 26th, 2020.
Market Hours: Weekdays 10am-8:30pm (Friday until 9pm); Saturdays 9am-9pm; Sundays 9am-8:30pm; Xmas Eve 9am-3pm; Xmas Day 11am-6pm; Day After Xmas 11am-6pm.
2020 Event Schedule: The Christmas Market in Salzburg is longer than most running from the 3rd Thursday in November through the day after Christmas.
: Events center around Residence Square and Cathedral Square, but extend through 7 total market areas around Salzburg.
Cost: All events are free to attend (excluding special concerts).
Name Of The Festival In German: Christkindlmarkt which means Christ Child Market in English.
Fun Scale10 out of 10.

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Salzburg Christmas Market Overview

Advent Christmas Market In Rothenburg Germany Reiterlesmarkt visiting tips
Advent Christmas Market In Rothenburg Germany Reiterlesmarkt visiting tips

The Christmas Market in Salzburg is one of the best to visit in all of Europe thanks to the wonderful atmosphere and authenticity.  Salzburg’s year-round magical vibe, fasinating history, and delightful shopping allow it to truly come alive with the Sound of Music during the Christmas season.  Music is very important during the festival as not only is it the City of Mozart (where he was born) but it is also where Joseph Mohr wrote Silent Night over 100 years ago.  Throughout the festival, there are many opportunities to see live music performances, to attend Mozart concerts, and even join in on some organized caroling.

In addition to the musical offerings, there are a number of other elements that help the Christmas Market in Salzburg stand out.  Festival Website: Here.

Helpful Tips For The Salzburg Christmas Market:

1. Book Your Hotel Early: Salzburg is one of the main tourist hot spots in Europe, especially during its famous Christmas market.  Although there are many hotel for a city its size, the accomidations in Salzburg book up early during the festival.  The most in-demand times for rooms will not only over the weekends but also on December 5th which is the famous Krampus Run as it is the night before Saint Nicolas Day.  Even the weekdays during the Salzburg Christmas Market book far in adavance and you can find yourself paying double what you should and staying a 1 mile walk from Residence Square if you don’t secure your hotel early.

. Stay In The Center Of Old Town: With seven different Christmas market areas all through Salzburg, finding a central location to stay is even more important than normal during the festival.  Whether it is to have easy access to your wardrobe to swap clothing as the weater changes or to have a quick place to rest your feet, having a room in the heart of the action is vital.  If you have young childern or anyone elderly with you, a central hotel will be even more important.  We especially love the location (and value) of both Old Town Hotel Wolf and Hotel Goldgasse.  Planning your overnight stay is made easier with our full list of the top hotels in Salzburg (HERE) which has many suggestions in the heart of Salzburg.

3. Dress For The Weather: Although it is close to the Alps, you may be surprised it doesn’t snow very often during the Salzburg Christmas Market.  When it does snow, it often melts quickly and you are actually more likely to expierence rain if anything.  Average temperatures are typically around 40F (4C) during the day and 32F (0C) at night and you typically won’t expierence much wind unless you at at the High Castle or crossing the river.  Even on unseasonable cold days you will feel warmer thanks to the hot drinks at the market and all of the walking involved.

To help yourself plan correctly, make sure to check the forecast for your trip while you pack and again before you leave.  For most visitors, your packing should including a nice wool or medium warmth winter coat (no snowsuits), a stocking cap, scarf, light to medium gloves, and travel umbrella (just in case).  You won’t need to bring bulky winter snow boots, but insulated hiking boots or comfortable Sorels that keep your feet dry and pack easy plus some wool socks are important.  If you like to pack lightly like us, you should bring disposable toe and warmers with you depending on the forecast.  There are also tons of stands and shops in Rothenburg that sell high-quality wool hats, gloves, and coats that make for great souvenirs.

Top Things To See At The Christmas Market:

1. Main Christmas Market (Daily):

About Salzburg’s Main Christmas Market: There are actually 7 seperate christmas markets in Salzburg, but the main two areas are at Market Square and the neighboring Cathedral Square.  Others include Stern, Castle, Hellbrunn, Saint Peter’s, University Square

3. Krampus Run (December 5th):

4. High Salzburg Fortress Market (Weekends):

5. Traditional Food & Drinks (Daily):

6. Saint Peter’s Restaurant Market (Daliy):

About Saint Peter’s Restauarnt Market: Takes place in the Innenhof.

10. Hellbrunn Palace Market (Daily):

2. Getreidegasse Shopping (Daily):

7. Live Music Performances (Daily):

8. Interactive Caroling (Various Days):

9. Salzburg Christmas Museum (Daily):

10. Edelweiss Cooking Class (Daily):

10. Mozart Dinner (Daily):

10. Silent Night Church (Daily):

10. Salzburg Cathedral Christmas Mass (Daily):

10. Mozart Square Ice Skating (Daily Mid-November until January):

10. Downhill Skiing (Daily):

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