Top Ten Hotels In Rothenburg Top Places To Stay & Apartments For Rent
Top Ten Hotels In Rothenburg Top Places To Stay & Apartments For Rent

Top 10 Hotels in Rothenburg:

Staying overnight in Rothenburg is one of the most magical experiences in Germany and the small village has a lot of wonderful accommodations to choose from.  After dinner bell rings, the hoards of tour bus groups are long gone and you feel like you have all of Rothenburg to yourself.  Everything slows down in the evening and you are able to experience the true beauty of the Medieval Rothenburg.  The street lamps glisten off the smooth cobblestones, the sweet air feels still, and you are clearly able to imagine what well-preserved Rothenburg was like 500 years ago.  Some of the best things to do including the Nightwatchman Tour and Medieval cellar dinner are only possible if you stay overnight.

You won’t find a Best Western or Marriot on our list of the best hotels in Rothenburg, as the village is as authentic as they come.  Most of the hotels are located in historic mansion homes as true inns and guesthouses like you would have found in the Middle Ages.  These segmented mansions provide genourous room sizes and vintage style which perfectly fit the vibe of Rothenburg.  We have either visited or stayed in everyone of our top ten hotels in Rothenburg over our numerous trips to the village and want to share out insights with you to better plan your own magical visit.

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Important Hotel Tips For Rothenburg:

1. Festivals & Holidays: While hotels in Rothenburg usually book up far in advance on most weekends in the Summer, getting hotels in the heart village during its famous festivals is even more competitive.  Whether it is the delightful Rothenburg Christmas Market (more info) or the lively Imperial City Days (more info), you will need to book your room extra early over festival weekends.  We have found that 6 months or more in advance is ideal as the hotels start to get almost completely full on weekends 4 months before these festivals.  Failing to book early is extra important as some of the festivals’ best events happen after dark, and you don’t want to get stuck staying in another village 10 miles away because you didn’t plan ahead.

2. Location:
Almost all of the accommodations in Rothenburg are within one mile of the Market Square in the center of the village.  That being said, you will really want to stay in the heart of the old town if possible.  There is so much to do in Rothenburg that you will end up back in your room a number of times a day to take a break and add layers of clothes early in the morning or later in the evening.  Having a centrally located hotel makes this quick and easy, as you will crisscross past your hotel numerous times a day if you stay in the heart of town.  It may not seem like a big deal but cutting out 15-20 minutes each way of walking makes it more likely you will explore the village before the tourists arrive in the morning or take the Nightwatchman Tour at night.

3. Room Decor:
While a few guesthouses and apartments in Rothenburg are very modernly decorated, some hotels may, at first glance, seem outdated inside.  While this can throw some picky American tourists off, the vibe and decor in the hotels of Rothenburg are done on purpose to help you feel like you have stepped back in time.  Remember that this is a preserved Medieval village, and most owner-operated hotels are located inside buildings over 500 years old.  With painted bed frames from the 1800s, vintage wallpaper, and upholstered chairs, the hotels help you to experience old-world elegance.  The rooms are typically very clean and the retro vibe will help you feel like you are staying in a true guesthouse.

4. Air Conditioning: If you visit during the hot summer months, you will find air conditioning very hard to come by inside the heart of the village. Luckily, there are three reliable options, including Hotel Reichsküchenmeister, Goldener Hirsch, and Burg Gartenpalais.  Just outside of the old town, you can also find air conditioning at Hotel Alter Ego and Hotel Rappen, however, we prefer to stay inside the walls when possible.

It is quite unusual to find any hotels with air conditioning in the small medieval towns across central Europe, so it is a huge bonus that Rothenburg has a few options. Even if you aren’t able to get a room with AC, we have also been quite comfortable in The Gothic House and Hotel Eisen Hut during peak summer with just a fan and no air conditioning, thanks to the thick stone walls of the medieval buildings.

5. Elevators & Accessibility:
Most of the hotels in Rothenburg are inside mansion homes from the Middle Ages, which aren’t aren’t set up to retrofit with elevators or accessibility features.  The lack of elevators won’t be a problem for most visitors as you’ll only have to go up two or three flights of stairs at most.  If this restriction is important to your mobility needs, you can find elevators in Hotel Eisen Hut, Hotel Reichsküchenmeister, and Burg Gartenpalais.  The Edelzimmer has a low-barrier ground-floor apartment, which is wonderful.  We have also seen the great staff at the family-owned Hotel Markusturm be very willing to help with luggage when needed, but stairs are still required.

Top 10 Hotels In Rothenburg:

1. The Gothic House Hotel (Gotisches Haus):

Top Ten Hotels In Rothenburg Top Places To Stay - the gothic house Gotisches Haus
Top Ten Hotels In Rothenburg Top Places To Stay - the gothic house Gotisches Haus

About The Gothic House Hotel: Unbelievably beautiful hotel that will make you feel like you are staying inside a romantic Medieval castle with exposed stone and timber beams.   Each one of the cozy rooms has antique accents, marble bathrooms with huge tubs, and views of town, but none of the 11 rooms are the same.  There are also original building elements which go all the way back to the 1200s that are worked into the theatrical room designs.

Back in the 1200s, The Gothic House mansion was used as a bread house and wine cellar for the local monastery before becoming the home of a wealthy family.  Holy Roman Emperor Friedrich III and his son, Crown-Prince Maximilian I, stayed here in 1474 while throwing a massive feast in Rothenburg’s main square, where he symbolically gave King Christian of Denmark the German state of Holstein to pledge an alliance.

Even if you are not staying overnight at The Gothic House, we do suggest stopping by their library-like lobby for relaxing cup of coffee.  The room has a very unique vibe and is our favorite cafe in Rothenburg.

Price: 140-200€ a night.  Hotel Address: Herrngasse 13.  Hotel Website: (Here).

2. Imperial Kitchen Master Hotel (Reichsküchenmeister):

Top Ten Hotels In Rothenburg Top Places To Stay - Imperial Kitchen Master reichskuechenmeister
Top Ten Hotels In Rothenburg Top Places To Stay - Imperial Kitchen Master reichskuechenmeister

About The Imperial Kitchen Master Hotel: This historic property has an amazing location, well appointed hotel rooms with vintage flare, and one of the best restaurants in Rothenburg (more info).  The vibe Imperial Kitchen Master Hotel is excellent and all 45 rooms and the restaurant were all renovated in 2015.  We have found the rooms to be much larger than typical hotels in Europe and we especially love the restaurant’s outdoor patio as well as the Relaxation Spa in the cellar.

When we visited the Relaxation Spa it was one of the most refreshing experiences we found on our many visits to Rothenburg.  There is a Finnish-style sauna, a steam bath, an ice fountain, a unique tropical shower, and a sitting room for the senses.  The Imperial Kitchen Master Hotel can also arrange a massage for you if you would like one.

The Imperial Kitchen Master Hotel & Restaurant sit inside a historic noble home which was built by the Brodsorg family in the 1100s.  Later the home was converted into an Inn where the future Emperor Ferdinand I stayed while visiting in 1540 followed by a stay by Emperor Charles V in 1546.  The Inn operated as Café Köppel in the 1800s, was one of the few buildings inside the original city walls to be damaged by WW2 bombings in 1945, and has served as restaurant & hotel since 1948 (same name since 1920).

The hotel and restaurant are named after the Imperial Kitchen Master Lupold von Nordenberg who was very influential in early day Rothenburg.  He helped to fund the town’s Dominican Convent (started in 1258 and dissolved in 1544) and gave them his mansion to operate out of which now houses Rothenburg Museum.

Price: 100-160€ a night.  Hotel Address: Kirchplatz 8.  Hotel Website: (Here).

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3. Hotel Eisenhut:

Top Ten Hotels In Rothenburg Top Places To Stay - Eisenhut

About The Hotel Eisenhut: This wonderful hotel is spread across 4 neighboring Medieval mansions on Herrngasse, the most prestigious lane in Rothenburg.  This lane was home to the wealthiest Patrician families including the Winterbach’s who have produced numerous Rothenburg mayors have lived at Herrngasse #3 since 1759.  In 1890, the family (Georg Eisenhut) opened a wine tavern in the home which grew into an interconnected multi-mansion hotel.  Today you will find a large Eisenhut (pronounced eye-zin-hoot) or Iron Hat marking the entrance to this wonderful hotel.

We love the budget friendly options that Hotel Eisenhut has with their small single person rooms, which typically are available longer than other hotels in Rothenburg.  One of the hotel’s buildings has air coniditioning they all have elevator access which is rare for small towns in Europe.  Whether you are in a small room or one of their many suites, the common area are wonderful here.  The old exposed timber lobby with an elegant staircase is great and the dinning areas are huge.  They served meals throughout the day and we feel that they have the best breakfast in Rothenburg.  The backside of Hotel Eisenhut also has a large outdoor beer garden and a greenhouse-like sun room.

Price: 80-140€ a night.  Hotel Address: Herrngasse 3-7.  Hotel Website: (Here).

4. Romantik Hotel Markusturm:

About The Romantic Hotel Marcus Tower: This charming guesthouse has been owned and operated by the Berger family for five generations, but the Romantik Hotel Markusturm even much deeper roots.  Filled with centuries old half-timber, this hotel was originally built in 1246 as a customs house for people entering the original city wall of Rothenburg and then served as a hostel of sorts for over 500 years.

Evidence of the 13th century city wall is is a forefront of the Hotel Markustrum’s architecture as it is directory attached to the timeless Markus Gate.  We love how the medieval Markus Tower (turm) peers out over the hotel capped with a nest for the village’s resident storks.  One of the suite is the hotel is aptly named the Stork Suite for its view of the tower.  The cellar of the tower was a prison in middle ages, but the neighboring hotel feels like heaven.

The medieval elements blend inside the hotel as well from 750 year old exposed wooden beams to a rock wall in the main hallway that actually is part of the originally city wall.  The prideful preservation incorporated into the hotel’s spacious rooms not only makes it one of the very best hotels in Rothenburg but helps it more than live up to its romantic title.  Families with young children will love the rooms size while couples will love how each room has a different theme, but all visitors will love the hospitality of the Berger family.

Price: 150-260€ a night.  Hotel Address: Rödergasse 1.  Booking Tip: Our favorite room is the German Suite #101 which looks out onto the village, but to get any of the rooms you need to book far in advance.  Hotel Website: (Here).

5. Rothenburg Noble Room (Edelzimmer Rothenburg):

Top Ten Hotels In Rothenburg Top Places To Stay - Gastehaus am Klosterhof apartment rental
Top Ten Hotels In Rothenburg Top Places To Stay - Gastehaus am Klosterhof apartment rental

About Edelzimmer Rothenburg: The Edelzimmer is one of the best hotels in Rothenburg thanks to this four luxurious apartments which are highly sought after by visitors.  The main apartments are housed inside a rennovated barn from a 16th century monastery in the courtyard of an even older 13th century convent which now houses the Rothenburg Museum.  The setting is the perfect blend of modern and rustic and you’ll have a lot of space.

In addition to the beauty, one huge advantage of staying at Edelzimmer is that you’ll have access to a washer and dryer.  This access can be so important to help you pack lighter but is even more important for families.  We especially love the large deluxe apartment as it has an enstuite kitchen that is great for families and also night owls as there aren’t many late-night dining options in Rothenburg.   This same apartment also has roll-in access for both wheel chairs or strollers which is very unique in Rothenburg as even finding a hotel with an elevator is quite limited.

The owners have done a great job with the main apartments but have also grown into the nearby Guesthouse Victoria.  This multi-level home rental is ideal for groups as you can sleep six guest plus a baby and pets are welcome.  From having two bathrooms, to a kitchen, and washer/dryer, this is a great option for your hotel in Rothenburg.

Overall, the price for what you get at Edelzimmer is very good and as an extra bonus also get breakfast in the neighboring Altfränkisvhe Weinstube (website) which is a very picturesque restaurant covered in vines.  This is one of our favorite restaurants in Rothenburg, but can be competitive to get reservations for dinner.

Price: 120-200€ a night.  Hotel Address: Klosterhof 6.  Hotel Website: (Here).

6. Mittermeier’s Old Ego (Alter Ego):

Top Ten Hotels In Rothenburg Top Places To Stay - Mittermeiers alter ego modern hotel

About Mittermeiers Alter Ego Hotel: Run by the Mittermerer family, this property combines the aspects of a high-end hotel with rooms with the flexibility of an apartment in a modern, elegant, and fresh package.  The family has been running the neighboring Villa Mittermeier Hotel & Restaurant (website) for years before opening their 2nd hotel in 2018 which truly is an Alter Ego.  The mansion that the new hotel is in was built for the soap and perfume manufacturer August Schmieg in 1905 is an amazing place to stay especially if you are a business professional who needs to get some work done while visiting Rothenburg.  The only downside to this hotel is that it is a few minute walk outside of the city walls toward the train station, but is nice enough to make the walk seem easy.

Price: 80-150€ a night.  Hotel Address: Vorm Würzburger Tor 15.  Hotel Website: (Here).

7. Guesthouse Liebler Apartments (Gästehaus Liebler):

Top Ten Hotels In Rothenburg Top Places To Stay - Guesthouse Liebler apartment rentals Gästehaus
Top Ten Hotels In Rothenburg Top Places To Stay - Guesthouse Liebler apartment rentals Gästehaus

About Guesthouse Liebler: With five cozy apartments across two homes in Rothenburg, we have stayed at Guesthouse Liebler a few times over the last 10 years and love it.  You will find a number of excellent apartment rental options on our best hotels in Rothenburg list, but this place has an excellent balance of location and value for your money.  The owner Birgit Liebler has tastefully renovated the decor in the apartments which really helps to add character and make them feel like home.

Price: 55-90€ a night.  Hotel Address: Pfäffleinsgäßchen 10 & Rödergasse 15.  Booking Tip: If you are unable to find availability for these apartments when booking, we suggest changing your search to a 2 or 3 night stay as some times of the year there is a minimum, but with rates so affordable we have booked 3 nights before even when we only needed 2.  Hotel Website: (Here).

8. Castle Hotel (Burg Hotel):

Top Ten Hotels In Rothenburg Top Places To Stay - Burg Hotel
Top Ten Hotels In Rothenburg Top Places To Stay - Burg Hotel

About The Castle Hotel: This is one of the most beautiful hotels in Rothenburg and it is built right into the Medieval city wall.  It is the only property on our best hotels in Rothenburg list that is actually incorporated into the Medieval fortifications.  Because of its location, the Burg Hotel has stunning panoramic views of the Tauber River Valley which is unobstructed 260 feet below (80 meters).

In total there are 15 spacious rooms in the Burg Hotel and it feels like a well appointed country cottage as you approach the entrance.  In addition to the rooms, we love the large patio terrace which connects the hotel to one of Rothenburg 42 preserved watchtowers.  This square-shaped tower is known as the Gravedigger’s Tower (Totengräbersturm) which is nicknamed after the gravedigger Beadie who lived here and in the neighboring cottage at the turn of the 14th century.

The backside of the Burg Hotel also connects to the former Convent Garden which dates back to the 1200s and is now part of the Rothenburg Museum.  Formed in 1248 and dissolved in 1544, the preserved part of the Dominican Convent hold the museum which has Germany’s oldest Medieval kitchen going back late-1200s.  Staying at the Burg Hotel offers easy access to the Museum but also unique access to the garden itself even during the Winter months when it is closed to normal tourists.  Inside the garden, they still grow 50 types of herbs, including a section of well-marked poisonous plants.  This is definately the hotel that has access to the most green space in all of Rothenburg.

Price: 140-200€ a night (Separate 10-person Villa Nuschweg is 484€ a night).  Hotel Address: Klostergasse 1-3.  Hotel Website: (Here).

9. Guesthouse On The Plönlein (Gästehaus am Plönlein):

Top Ten Hotels In Rothenburg Top Places To Stay - Guesthouse On The Plönlein Apartment Rental
Top Ten Hotels In Rothenburg Top Places To Stay - Guesthouse On The Plönlein Apartment Rental

About The Guesthouse On The Plönlein: Located slightly down the hill between Plönlein and the Kobolzeller Gate, newly remodeled Plönlein has three apartments inside a historic home and has wonderful owners.  Their remodel was so well received by the local community that this hotel won Rothenburg’s preservation renovation prize.  As the home clings along the Medieval city wall, you will have excellent views over the Tauber Valley.

While most of the hotels in Rothenburg are owned and managed by locals, the Guesthouse On The Plönlein are extra in-tune with what is going on in Rothenburg and can be a great resource as you look for places to explore.  The location is very convenient for visitors looking to either hike or bike as you have easy access to the Tauber Valley while still being a walkable distance to the heart of Old Town Rothenburg

Price: 95-149€ a night.  Hotel Address: Kobolzeller Steige 10.  Hotel Website: (Here).

10. Old Horse Mill Hostel (Rossmühle):

Top Ten Hotels In Rothenburg Top Places To Stay - Old Horse Mill Youth Hostel Rossmuhle
Top Ten Hotels In Rothenburg Top Places To Stay - Old Horse Mill Youth Hostel Rossmuhle

About The Old Horse Mill Hostel: Built in 1516 as a corn mill, the Rossmuhle was powered by 16 horses instead of with water power like other waterfront mills.  The large mill is one of the best buildings in Rothenburg to photograph and we love the curved port windows in the roof.  At one point it the mill was said to be the biggest in Southern Germany before time, technology, and an eventual fire caught up with it.

Since being renovated in 1957, the former mill now serves as a youth hostel and is one of the most reasonably priced hotels in Rothenburg.  This very modestly priced hotel option have become a favorite amoung families and cyclists.  There are 120 beds over 45 basic rooms ranging from one to eight beds each.  There are also different options with either shared or private bathrooms including 4 dedicated family suites and 22 family capable rooms.  The common areas include a large dining hall and aspaces for table tennis, a billiard table, and table football.

Price: 20-40€ a night.  Hotel Address: Mühlacker 1.  Hotel Website: (Here).

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Honorable Mention Hotels:

11. The Bell Hotel & Winery (Glocke Weingut):

Top Ten Hotels In Rothenburg Top Places To Stay - Plönlein Corner Rental glocke bell hotel winery
Top Ten Hotels In Rothenburg Top Places To Stay - Plönlein Corner Rental glocke bell hotel winery

About The Bell Hotel: This guesthouse has an excellent location on Plönlein Corner and some its 23 rooms directly face the famous square.  Some of the rooms on the backside of the Glocke Hotel  also have relaxing balconies so there really isn’t a bad view in the place.  The wrought iron bell (glocke) sign hanging from the hotel is because this property was formerly part of the Hospital of Saint John the Baptist in as early as 1122.  Later the mansion became a hostel, and inn, and finally a hotel in 1978.

The Glocke Hotel also has a very good restaurant spread across 3 rooms and the property is owned by the Thürauf family that runs Rothenburg’s vineyard & winery.  In addition to running the local Franconian winery, the family has been in the hospitality industry in Rothenburg since 1898.  So if you are a wine and food lover, this hotel on a romantic square is one you should definitely consider.

Price: Single Rooms 65-85; €Double rooms 100-130€.  Hotel Address: Plönlein 1.  Parking: On-site.  Restaurant Hours: Monday-Saturday 11am-9pm; Sunday 11am-2pm.  Hotel Website: (Here).

12. Castle Garden Palace Hotel (BurgGartenpalais):

About The Castle Garden Palace Hotel: Located on the main street in called Herrngasse, the Castle Garden Palace (Burg Gartenpalais) is the sister property to the Burg Hotel which is also on our top hotels in Rothenburg list.  The Castle Garden Palace was original built as a mansion for the wealthy patrician family Bezold in the Middle Ages and has retrained most of its old-world charm.

We especially love the Rose Garden inside the inner courtyard with feels like a private luscious retreat.  Weather it is for a full meal or simply a coffee or beer, the Rose Garden is a great place to relax.  The main restaurant at the hotel is also pretty good and they specialize in local Franconian and neighborly Swabian cuisine.

Price: 130-200€ a night.  Hotel Address: Herrngasse 26.  Parking: On-site.  Hotel Website: (Here).

13. Golden Stag Hotel (Goldener Hirsch):

Top Ten Hotels In Rothenburg Top Places To Stay - Goldener Hirsch Golden Stag Hotel
Top Ten Hotels In Rothenburg Top Places To Stay - Goldener Hirsch Golden Stag Hotel

About The Golden Stag Hotel: It is very hard to miss the iconic wrought iron sign for the Golden Stag Hotel as you stroll along Upper Smith Road (Untere Schmiedgasse).  The gorgeous Golden Stag icon marks the location of one of the best hotels to stay at in Rothenburg which has a good mix of being elegant and vintage at the same time.

The rooms are pretty good and the luxurious lobby is outstanding but we like the Goldener Hirsch for its great service and excellent views.  From most of the guest rooms and the spacious Blue Terrace dinning hall, you will get stunning panoramic views over Tauber River Valley and Rothenburg’s vineyard.  The dinning hall only serves breakfast, but the unmatched views are an excellent way to start any day in Rothenburg.

Price: 75-140€ a night.  Hotel Address: Untere Schmiedgasse 16.  Hotel Website: (Here).

14. Monastery Dining Room Hotel (KlosterStüble):

About The Monastery Tavern Hotel: Wedged between the Castle Garden and the Franciscan Church, the Kloster Stüble was built as a large farmhouse in 1534.  Although more stately than your average farmhouse, it continued to operate as such until it was converted into an inn in the 1900s.  Today the rooms at the Monastery Tavern Hotel are very comfortable and their restaurant is one of the best hotel restaurants in Rothenburg.  The Kloster Stüble is also a little unique as it has a mix of small affordable single person rooms up to large family suites.

Price: 50-200€ a night.  Hotel Address: Herrngasse 21.  Hotel Website: (Here).

15. The Lädle Hotel (Pension das Lädle):

About The Lädle Hotel: The Lädle Hotel will likely move up inside our top ten hotels in Rothenburg over the next few years as it is an great place to stay.  Located right in the heart of the Infirmary Quarter (Spital), this delightful property has three apartments that ooze warmth and hospitality.  Being a 5 minute walk from the heart of Old Town may be a negative for some visitors, but it also helps the apartments feel like you have your own quite retreat from the tourist crowds.  If you do have mobility problems you should know that you will have to bring your bags up some narrow stairs and one of the apartments is on the 3rd story.  This is pretty common for Europe in general as old historic homes don’t have elevators for the most part, but it is important to note at this property.

Price: 50-90€ a night.  Hotel Address: Spitalgasse 18.  Hotel Website: (Here).

16. Hotel Herrnschlösschen:

About Hotel Herrnschlösschen: With the feel of a French country-side getaway, the Hotel Herrnschlösschen is the smallest and most exclusive hotel in Rothenburg.  The stately mansion was originally built in the 1100s before being turned into a stately residence for a Frankish nobleman in the 1500s.

They have 4 deluxe rooms and 4 wonderful suites which most having a view onto the large peaceful Barque garden.  We find the garden to be one of the best things about staying at the Hotel Herrnschlösschen as you will also be able to see the preserved tower house of the backside of the mansion.  With a narrow base and wide top, the tower house resembles the Toppler Water Palace in the nearby Tauber Valley and is what the old mayor’s house once looked like which is now the Marien-Apotheke off of Market Square.

Price: 225-350€ a night.  Hotel Address: Herrngasse 20.  Hotel Website: (Here).