Visiting Rothenburg With Kids:

Visiting magical Rothenburg, Germany is of the most rewarding experiences you can have while traveling through Europe with childern.  Kids of all ages will find plenty of things in the Rothenburg to fall in love with.  Larger cities may have heavy hitting sights like the Effiel Tower or the Colosuem, but Rothenburg has a certain charm that seems to spark the fairytale imagination in childern that sticks with them.

The first few times we visited Rothenburg we brough friends and adult family memebers, but after finally bringing our kids, we wish they would have been with every time.  As you roam the cobblestone streets, it is no wonder that Walt Disney and his illistrators have been inspired by Rothenburg over the decades which gives the village ties to numerous movies.  In this guide on visiting Rothenburg with kids, we will cover these Disney locations along with the other top things to do with childern and a few helpful tips.

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Tips For Visiting With Kids:

1. Stay In The Center Of Town:

About Staying In Rothenburg: A bunch of excellent options in the center of Old Town Rothenburg that are ideal if you are visiting with children.  Consider booking an apartment.

2. Know Where The Bathrooms Are:

About Rothenburg’s Bathrooms: As a parent, one of our main worries while traveling with children can be making sure you are always close to a bathroom.  Luckily in Rothenburg there are a number of public bathrooms (marked with WC), although many visitors don’t know about them ahead of time.  Unlike the United States you usually can’t walk into a restauarnt to use the bathroom unless you are dining there.  If your hotel is in the heart of town you can alway head back to to use the bathroom, but dealing with extra walking, steps, and room keys isn’t ideal when your kids really has to go.

There are three main publich bathrooms in Rothenburg with the main one tucked in Green Square (Grüner Markt) which is connected to the main Market Square (Marktplatz) along the Northside of the huge Town Hall.  The second public bathroom is around the Northside of the Castle Tower Gate as you enter Rothenburg’s Castle Garden on the Westside of town.  The final bathoom is on the far Southend of Rothenburg in the parking lot area outside the city walls near the Spital Bastion.

Top Things To Do With Children:

1. Attend A Festival:

top ten best restaurants In Rothenburg germany - medieval cave cellar dining To Hell Tavern Zur Holl restaurant
top ten best restaurants In Rothenburg germany - medieval cave cellar dining To Hell Tavern Zur Holl restaurant

About Zur Höll Tavern: To Hell Tavern (Zur Höll) is our favorite restaurant in town and is located inside the oldest home in Rothenburg with a foundation dating back to the 900s AS.  Known for its cozy atmosphere along with an excellent menu of Bavarian and Franconian dishes, To Hell Tavern is one of the best places to experience Medieval Rothenburg.

The name ‘Zur Höll’ comes from the Middle Ages when nearby buildings were part of the Saint John’s Monastery (established in 1200).  Since the monks wanted to be separated from the general public to avoid temptation, a large part of the lane was covered with a wooden roof and was closed to non-monks.  The roof made the alley very dark, so it gained the nickname Hell Alley which carried over to the restaurant in modern times.

The old-world interior is best highlighted by the Medieval cellar dining area hidden in the back of the restaurant.  This cave-like cellar is not only romantic, but also has historic details incorporated in it.  The best element is the 8-foot-long kiln blower which now serves as the table, since the cellar was once used as a blacksmith forge in late-Medieval times.

We highly suggest getting reservations in advance if you plan on eating dinner at the To Hell Tavern as it is very popular and has limited seating.  Although only open for dinner in the Winter months, during the rest of the year this restaurant can be an excellent place to have lunch while following our Rothenburg City Wall Walking Tour (more info).

Zur Höll Hours: Summer Sunday-Thursday 10am-9pm; Friday & Saturday 10am-11pm.  Christmas Market Daily 5pm-10pm.  Winter Monday-Saturday 5pm-10pm; closed Sundays.  Restaurant Reservation Requests: [email protected]  Restaurant Website: (HERE).

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2. Walk The City Wall (Reichsküchenmeister):

3. Take The Night Watchman Tour:

4. Visit The Christmas Stores:

5. Take A Bike Ride:

6. Visit The Disney Film Locations:

7. Medieval Crime Museum & Dungeons:

8. Try Local Sweets:

9. Have A Picnic (Ratsstube):

About Wildbad PicnicsYou can enjoy the picturesque beauty of the gardens and former spa at Wildbad Manor for an unforgetting experience.  You get a real picnic basket and have access to the trails which, if you do the whole hike, is an enjoyable 45 minute loop.

In 1820 the huge manor and spa was built here. Specializes in Christian conference and prayer groups.  current complex built between 1898 and 1903 by Friedrich Hessing as a spa hotel. Since 1982 it has been used as an Evangelical conference center.

Picnic Booking: For the 25 Euro picnic you need an advanced booking which can be done by calling them at +49 9861 977-0 or by email at [email protected]  Wildbad Locatin: Taubertalweg 42.  Wildbad Website: (HERE).

10. City Wall Playground:

Honorable Mention Hotels:

11. Climb Town Hall Tower:

12. Visit Toppler Castle:

13. Leyk’s Lotus Garden (Leyk Lotos-garten):

14. Climbing World Ropes Course (Kletterwald):