New Orleans Travel Guide - Louisiana's Best Attractions
New Orleans Travel Guide - Louisiana's Best Attractions

New Orleans, Louisiana:

Founded: 1718 AD
Suggested Length of Stay: 4 Full Days.

Overview of New Orleans:

Welcome to the heart of the Bayou, center of Cajun cuisine, and maybe the most unique city in America, New Orleans.  It only takes minutes to start falling in love with the party, the culture, and the living city of New Orleans.

First sighted as a Native American portage to Lake Ponchartrain and the Gulf in 1699 by Bienville and Iberville.  Bienvillelater founded a city here in 1718 and named it in the honor of the Duke of Orleans, Regent of France.  Called the Crescent City because of location on the bend of the Mississippi and the Big Easy for its laid-back vibe, New Orleans has grown into a World-class city.

In 2005, Hurricane Katrina devastated many lives throughout New Orleans with extreme flooding, but this city of survivors pushed on and is now just as strong as ever.  The way the city pushed through the aftermath of the hurricane is a testament to the passion that the people of the Bayou have not just toward living but also toward taking every day as a celebration of life.  This passion can be seen in its streets, tasted in its food, and felt at its parties.  In just a single word, New Orleans has: Passion!

New Orleans Travel Guide - Louisiana's Best Attractions

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Top 10 Things To Do In New Orleans:

1. Attend Mardi Gras
2. Party On Bourbon Street
3. Swamp & Gator Tours
4. Visit Jackson Square
5. Try LocalNew Orleans Cuisine

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Getting Around New Orleans:

Most of your tourist activity will center around the French Quarter which is extremely easy to navigate by foot. If you are going further around town, the cities Streetcars are a very cheap alternative to taxi with only a $1.25 per ride fee. For a detailed map of the city’s Streetcar routes click HERE.